LIVE Panel w/Dr. June Knight – 2018 Election USA – “God & Country”

Monday, November 5, 2018

7:00 pm CST or 8;00 pm EST

Host: Dr. June Knight


God and Country


About the Show:

This election is critical to our country. The Christians changed the country in 2016 and we must continue the momentum. The ministers on this broadcast will discuss the urgent situation, pray and preach! Will be powerful!


Our Panel Guests:

Rev. Kevin Jessip – Global Strategic Alliance – Washington DC

Pastor Carolyn Sissom – Eastgate Ministries – Houston, TX
Pastor Orlinda Maforo – Bethel Fellowship USA – Baltimore, MD
Prophet Kerry McMahon – Community Fellowship Int’l – Mexia, TX

Dr. Joy Arnold – House of Glory – KY

Kandi Strock-Moesel – The King’s Inheritance – FL

🙏🙏Special Prayer for America by Mama Amoo from Africa!

And Possibly More!

Tune in and learn how we can TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK! #watbradio#ChristianNation

 Dr. June Knight – Host

Dr. June Knight is a specialist on corporate communications, social media, corporations (ministry) media, and communication implementation.  Dr. June has traveled all over the country praying for America and the church. God has given her a love for the Bride and the United States. In 2017, she went to Washington D.C. three times to prepare and conduct a national Christian march to declare that we are a Christian nation. Dr. June is a bold Watchman on the Wall for the church and helps the  Bride in many ways to expose truth.

Dr. June has served ministries and businesses all over the world to achieve their goals. She partners with leaders and God to obtain the ideal outcome for the vision God placed on the inside of them. Whether it is communicating to a community, a congregation, a nation, or a certain targeted niche, Dr. June helps the visionary to articulate the vision and implement a strategy to obtain maximum effectiveness.

Dr. June’s Education:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations at Austin Peay State University

  • Master’s Degree in Corporate Communications at APSU

  • One year of studies at World Harvest Bible College

  • Doctor of Theology at International Miracle Institute

While in Graduate School at APSU, Dr. June studied in London (Winter 2011/2012) and studied under the top three global  marketing/advertising/communication firms in the world. She wrote a 20-page research paper comparing how the United Kingdom markets a product versus the United States. Dr. June completed the class with a grade of 100! Following graduation, Dr. June turned that paper into her first book – Mark of the Beast.

Dr. June has written eleven books and she is the President of We are the Bride Ministries which includes:, WATB Radio. She is a TV and Radio Host and is currently hosting one television show: BRIDE TIME LIVE. This is where she interviews ministers and special guests.

In 2017 she traveled the nation on a #MAGARevival Tour and traveled 36 states, 18,000 miles on total faith.

  • She interviewed Americans and asked them two questions: 1. If you could talk to President Trump – what would you say? 2. What is God doing in our country today?

  • Prayed for people all across this country,

  • Prayed a wall of fire in the spirit around the entire border of the United States

  • Hosted four revivals on the north, south, east and west, (Houston, Los Angeles, Detroit and Nashville)

  • Prayed over six (6) strategic cities & prophesied (Miami, Fl, New Orleans, El Paso, Jonestown, ND, Niagara Falls, NY,  & Pawtucket, RI.

  • Finished with national Christian march – #MAGArevival March for Revival

Following this year tour, she settled down in Hohenwald, TN. A year later God called her to move to Washington DC and to bring Christian Media to the nation’s forefront. She moved to DC on 10/09/18.

Dr. June’s heart is UNITY in the Bride of Christ. Her goal is to help the Bride to be successful on Earth and to educate them on the enemy’s tactics so that they may not be caught off guard. Dr. June was called “Momma June” in Bible College because she’s like a mom to so many. Now…she feels that way about the Bride. She prays with them, conducts Bible Studies, educates, empowers, and assists them to fulfill their calling.

Above all these things, she is a mother, grandmother and a daughter of the King.

Following graduate school, God called Dr. June to full-time ministry and said, “I want you to serve my people with your education, talents and skills. I’m your boss.” Since accepting that call, she lost everything she had and began serving other ministers across the nation. For five years she was in the PIT/process until God eventually moved her to Washington DC to walk into her promise land. She is very excited about the next level of her life and ministry.

Kevin Jessip – Global Strategic Alliance

Kevin Jessip, GSA & Board President

Kevin is an advisor to national and global leaders within the business, political and faith community. Over the decades, Jessip has used his experience as an executive for one of the world’s largest publicly traded companies and his work with faith-based outreaches, as a catalyst for founding, developing, and funding organizations.

Jessip is known for his ability to “network” a proven methodology to create successful strategic alliances worldwide. His relationships with many of the Fortune 500 companies, government officials, and non-profits have resulted in the transformation of individuals, communities, and corporations. Global Strategic Alliance is a faith-based organization whose mission is to restore Judeo-Christian values to the moral and civic framework on a local, state, national, and international level. This method encourages engagement through dialogue, civic involvement, and personal responsibility at every level of society. GSA is uniquely positioned as a voice addressing concerns and advocating for marginalized people. It is equipped for maximum impact through its alliances and initiatives, while connecting organizations for greater strategic impact. GSA’s voice includes behind-the-scenes strategic planning with corporate, government and faith leaders working toward real solutions facing our national and international communities.
Jessip brings a wealth of experience to community transformation best practices, helping them define a course of action including: preparing a realistic feasibility study, anticipating various risks and mitigating them, linking budgets to resources and priorities, conducting realistic partner and assessment and selection, superior resource strategy planning, coupling investment and rewards with performance. Currently, Jessip is involved in the “Nehemiah Project” which is rebuilding and restoring America’s inner cities, and leading a collaborative team with some of the top corporate leaders in the United States.
After attending North Central Bible College, Kevin has traveled around the world sharing the Gospel on television, radio, and in print. Currently, Kevin is involved in the “Nehemiah Project” which is rebuilding and restoring America’s inner cities, and the “Joseph Mandate” which is a global initiative aligning the nations with The Everlasting Covenant, Word of God.

Pastor Carolyn Sissom

carolynI received a call when I was sixteen years old, but did not understand what the call was.  In those days there were limited ways a woman could serve God in Public Ministry.  (1) music (2) teacher of  children (3) missionary (4) ministry of helps.  Except for the fact that I have never hit a  musical note, I served the Lord the best I could in all of the above.  When I was thirty-three years old, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the Jeremiah call.  “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.  Before you were born I set you apart:   I appointed you as a Prophet to the Nations.”  I still did not have a clue.  I raised my two daughters, was the best wife I knew how to  be and continued to serve the Lord as a teacher, ministry of helps and intercessor.

In 1989, a pastor came to me and told me, “The Lord told me to ordain you.”  I still was in amazement,  but after I prayed, the Lord spoke to me in a vision of the night.   He said, ” I ordained you years ago.  Now I will cause men to ordain you.  And Men of God have ordained me  without me soliciting or asking.

When my youngest daughter went off to college, I was on my hands and knees mopping the kitchen floor.  The Holy Spirit spoke to me.  He said, “I am going to put you into public ministry.”  Within days a Bible Study started that became the first church.  I answered the call to Pastor.

In The Service of The Lamb of God

Carolyn Sissom

Prophet Kerry McMahon – Community Christian Fellowship Int’l

Kerry R. McMahon leads the network. He has been called Pastor,Teacher,Evangelist, Prophet and yes even Apostle as he has traveled around the world teaching and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The title he esteems most is Brother. He has not endeavored to make a name for himself but, instead focuses on lifting up the name of JESUS!

He started his spiritual journey in 1981. He was born again and served in the ministry of Pastors Emory and Judy Thompson in Houston,Tx.( West Little York Church of God ) These two faithful apostolic leaders and their staff imparted faith and faithfulness in a way no one else could. They infused a desire for souls to be saved and raised up in the Kingdom of God into the heart of K.R. McMahon. A foundation of Biblical principles was established, that only time could testify of it’s strength.

In 1991 he was set forth to plant the first Church and so he did successfully. Since that day, his focus has been on expanding the Kingdom any way he could. He has planted multiple churches as well as helped others do the same. A very compassionate, results driven person would best describe his personality. A five fold minister (Eph. 4:11) in every aspect of the word and operates with a strong prophetic gifting. His wife Donna of 31 years and three children have been an important part of CCF and are currently ministering in music and word.

In 1994 Kerry met Pastor James Walker. The fathering and mentoring provided by James Walker proved to be invaluable in the next phase of Kerry’s journey to become what God had called him to be. Brother James imparted wisdom and the heart of an apostolic father into Kerry and the importance of being blameless. He also imparted the heart of a peace maker. Brother James Walker, an Apostle in every sense of the word introduced Kerry to the next man that God would use to mold him.

In 2003 Kerry met this great man of God by divine appointment, Apostle Robert Henderson.

A divine connection was made through which many impartations took place and apostolic authority was established. Robert Henderson having a healing anointing bestowed this upon Kerry through the laying on of hands and many miraculous healings have been experienced ever since.

March 15,2007 Kerry recieved the Word of the Lord from Prophet Roger Teale. The prophetic word stated that Kerry had been given power over the spirits and principalities that bind people and nations, to be able to loose them and set them free. It was also spoken that he had been given an anointing as the great evangelist George Whitefield.

(This prophetic word can be listened to on the prophecy page of this website)
Roger Teale has stated there was an impartation to Kerry on 3-15-07 and a prophetic mantel passed. &

”The previously mentioned five apostolic men and women are great servants of the Lord. I deem them to be great men and women of God that have impacted the world and are continuing to do so. I thank the Lord they are in my life and provide the leadership I draw on. I could not experience the authority that I have, except I am willing to listen to those God has set as my leaders. There are hundreds of years of successful ministry between these that are mentioned above. I have an ongoing healthy relationship with each and I am thankful for each one. I am truly a blessed man! As God has set great leadership in my life, it is the desire of my heart to serve others in this capacity.” Kerry R. McMahon



Pastor Orlinda Maforo – Bethel Fellowship USA

Pastor Orlinda has been married to her beloved husband since the year 2000. They are blessed with five beautiful children. Orlinda received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in Harare, Zimbabwe at Bethel Fellowship, a lunch hour ministry that continues to transform countless lives and uphold the banner of Jesus Christ. Her spiritual mentor is Dr. C.C. Amoo, a humble and devoted Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, lovingly known as “Mama Amoo” by thousands of spiritual children across the entire globe. Orlinda learned how to love God and serve Him under the leadership of Mama Amoo in Harare. In July 2007, the Maforo family immigrated to the USA where Orlinda opened an extension of Bethel Fellowship out of her home, guided by Mama Amoo. Bethel Fellowship USA has continued to grow beyond the weekly Bible Studies to various activities including but not limited to:

  • Quarterly conferences

  • International trips

  • Sending God’s love to foreign ministries and ministers

  • Sending God’s love to widows and orphans

  • Sending God’s love to Israel


Dr. Joy Arnold-Morse

It is Dr. Joy Arnold-Morse as a Dentist. And I went to Bible School at Tampa Theological at a satellite school in Ky. But last year at age. 60 I stepped down from leadership to be able to travel. So my husband and I host a Prayer Group on Monday Nights for the past 5 years called House of Glory. And we attend Evangel World Prayer Center in Louisville. The Bible School was Faith Theological 😃🤗

Kandi Strock-Moesel

Revs. Craig & Kandi (Strock-) Moesel, Itinerant Ministers Ordained in Apostolic ,“The KING’s Inheritance Ministries International”.  Craig & Kandi have been ordained and operate in the Apostolic 5-Fold Ministry. The ministry GOD has given them is home based out of Jupiter, Florida and the Florida Keys They are available to teach, preach, prophesy, minister in music and The Shofar and Miracles, Signs, Wonders, Healings and helping to set the captives free (and even jump thru a few hoops when necessary) asking for nothing in return. They just desire to be fully submitted and obedient to the Holy Spirit (pray for them in this!!)!! Here are some testimonies of Miracles and Healings that The Lord “YAHSHUAH” JESUS has given Craig & Kandi the privilege to participate in relative to their Shofar, Miracle, Healing and Worship Ministry, while demonstrating The Awesome Love and Compassion of Our Almighty Heavenly Father “YHWH”, Our Sweet Lord “YAHSHUAH” JESUS and Our Precious HOLY SPIRIT / “RUACH KADOSH”:

Special Prayer by Mama Amoo!

Listen to the Broadcast: