2018 National Prayer Team – Day #35 – “Tearing Down the Idol of Sports Worship” – Boycott of Superbowl

February 4, 2018 at 5:30 pm CST

Idol #35 – Sports Worship

Tearing Down the Idols in this Nation

Superbowl Boycott

About this Mission:

We are doing the LIVE  broadcast during the Superbowl to REPENT to God on behalf of the national idol of sports worship. As the past year has been focused on the players not giving respect to our nation’s flag and blatant disrespect to the nation, the team is aligning this idol with the Superbowl. We believe that when you dishonor the national flag, you are dishonoring our nation. No matter what is happening in our nation as far as the divide or any social injustice, the NFL and football time should be a time of coming together to enjoy a sport – NOT TAKE A POLITICAL STAND and separate the nation. The flag and national anthem represent our nation as a whole and when you do not respect our nation enough to stand and give honor to the nation as a whole, then this has become an idol to you as well.

When the NFL picks Sundays as the day for the biggest game of the year, it’s an attack on Christianity because they know that the majority of the country goes to church on that day. We pray that when we pray this idol down, that the NFL will consider moving the day to Saturday so that more people can enjoy it.

Sports can become an idol when we shut church doors down for a game or games. When we disrupt our whole lives for a sport, then that is an idol. When it interferes with everyday life and becomes more of a priority to us than God, then it’s an idol.

Join us LIVE and pray with us. Take a stand and let’s repent before a holy God!

How you can participate with us

Call in at (929) 477-1994 at 5:30 p.m. CST and listen in, or listen below. We will also be LIVE ON VIDEO HERE.

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