2018 National Prayer Team – Day #40 – “Last Night Praise Reports – Hear From the Team”

February 9, 2018 at 7:00 pm CST

Last Day Report from 40 Day Team

Tearing Down the Idols in this Nation

Team Praise Reports

02-09-18 – Listen in as the team talks about how this 40 days has changed their lives. They will talk to you about what they’re hearing for the nation.


2018 Team Members

Dr. June Knight – Tennessee
Prophet Kerry McMahon – Texas
Minister Cathy Bidwell – Tennessee
Ministers Mark Savoye & Jean Savoye – Louisiana
Intercessor Katrina Gibson – Florida
Evangelist Belinda Jewell – Great Smokey Mountains Tennessee
Revivalist Lynsie Reed – Texas
Intercessor Angelic Torrez – Arizona

Please Meet Your Team:

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Cathy Bidwell – Tennessee

Mark & Jean Savoye – Louisiana

Belinda Jewell – Tennessee

Katrena Gibson – Florida

Revivalist Lynsie Reed – Texas

Prophet Kerry McMahon – Texas

Intercessor Angelic Torrez – Arizona

Dr. June Knight

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