America Arise and Build! – w/Pastor Marvin Swanson – “Christmas 1776 – Victory or Death”

Monday, December 25, 2017

7:00 p.m. CST

Christmas 1776 – Victory or Death

Christmas Day 1776 “Victory or Death” This was the password of George Washington and the Continental Army as they crossed the ice-filled Delaware River on Christmas Day evening in a blizzard. As we remind ourselves of the great sacrifice of these patriots and the birthing of a nation by Supernatural miraculous intervention at key moments, we remember another Divine moment. The most important in human history. The supernatural conception and virgin birth of Jesus our Savior, Immanuel, God with us. The Lamb of God Who by the blood of His sacrifice on the Cross would make a way for man to be reconciled back to our Holy Father. We are to put into remembrance our foundation of faith and our Biblical foundation as a nation. A nation birthed by Divine providence founded upon the Word of God, for a Heavenly calling … to be a light to the nations. “America Arise And Build! Victory or Death! Merry Christmas! 2017″​

About Pastor Swanson

As a born again Christian for more than 30 years and a serious student of God’s Word, I believe I have a valid claim to speak His Word on this subject and every topic according to the Bible.

My faith in God and His calling on my life has led me to many countries as a friend to the poor and hurting and involved in various projects:

  • Delivering humanitarian aid and Bibles in the Russian language
  • Helping spiritually starved Ukrainians after the fall of Communism and the former Soviet Union
  • Supporting orphanages in India
  • Helping 85,000 poverty stricken Soviet Union Jews make “Aliyah” to Israel.

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