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About Us

WATB (We are the Bride) Radio is dedicated to the Bride of Christ. We desire to enhance the Bride by providing a voice for revivalists, ministers, servants in the field, etc. We hope to strengthen, encourage, and say CHARGE to the Body of Christ! We are not a weak Bride! We all have a mission from God that is unique and we celebrate what God is doing in each person. We recognize our battle is NOT with flesh and blood, but with the principalities and powers of the Air. We provide a platform for ministers and we rally around them, pray for them, and encourage them to be ALL THEY CAN BE IN GOD’S GREAT ARMY.

You are the Bride and have a voice. Our radio show will allow a platform for ministries and ministers across the globe!  We highlight what God is doing in the Body of Christ.  Our desire is to bring unity to the Body and to bring us together as one Army.

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