Alan Didio – Encounter Christ Church – Red Cross, NC

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Pastor Alan Didio

Encounter Christ Church, Red Cross, NC


Pastor Alan & Tera DiDio
alanAfter experiencing a radical spiritual encounter at the age of seventeen, Alan DiDio was born again; instantly transforming him from a dogmatic atheist to a passionate follower of Jesus. Taught in a Word-Based Church he learned early on how to stand in faith.Not long after giving his life to Christ, Pastor Alan went off to Bible College and continued serving with a national ministry for twelve years and working on staff for nearly seven. In that time, he gained experience in every possible area of ministry from running an international prayer center to traveling across the country spreading the Gospel.

Since then, he’s founded Encounter Christ Church in his home town and taken the Gospel to nations such as Pakistan, Haiti, and Guatemala.

“I’m often asked how I got into the ministry, but I didn’t get into the ministry… the ministry got into me!”
Today Pastor Alan’s heart burns with a mission to revive God’s Word of Faith in a New Generation.

“I invite everyone to join with us as we determine to know Him, and to make Him known, by teaching families to walk in faith.”

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