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pastor-thursdaysThursday, February 26, 2015

Apostle & Pastor Anthony Daley

The Tabernacle Church(es)

pastorsPastor Anthony Daley is a fireball in the Nashville/Clarksville region. He has five churches already and we are sure those will not be the last! He has a church in Indian Mound, then Clarksville East and West, a Spanish church, and a church in India! He is pressing forward towards the mark and wreaking havoc to the powers of Hell. When he preaches, the fire of God just flames the listeners and drives a passion to the Bride to seek God with all their heart! He makes you more hungry for the presence of God! He’s very transparent with his church and they support him greatly. He has a dedicated body ready to serve his vision all over the world. He is on television, internet, social media, and has an awesome media team that properly reflects Pastor Daley’s vision to the world. We are honored he will be with us and we are SURE that it will be an on-time and POWERFUL word of God!

Since 2003, Pastor Anthony and Julia Daley have been serving as the Senior Pastors of The Tabernacle, now a multi-campus ministry located in Indian Mound, Tennessee. The Tabernacle planted a second campus in Clarksville, Tennessee, in 2010 and a Hispanic church in 2007. Because their ministry mandate is to raise disciples and release ministers throughout the nations, the Daleys have traveled to Mexico, India, Africa, and the Philippines in an effort to plant churches, minister at conferences, hold crusades, and care for widows and orphans. They are passionate about The Tabernacle’s work in Zimbabwe, where they continue to plant churches and initiate self-sustaining farming projects to serve the African community.


In 2014, The Tabernacle opened T.J.’s House, a dental-medical clinic in Zimbabwe, Africa, to provide free care for widows, orphans, and those in need. They also partner with other ministries to consolidate resources for the expansion of the kingdom into the remote regions of Africa. Pastor Anthony Daley is the author of The Ekklesia: The Church That Jesus Is Building and has been married to his wife Julia for over twenty-five years. They have two adult children who serve in the ministry with their spouses. Together with The Tabernacle, the Daleys hope to build platforms that the next generation may stand on.

His Vision:


Jesus gave this one final instruction to us before He left:

Matt 28:19-20 Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. 20 Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

As a kingdom driven ministry, the question became obvious to us here at The Tabernacle – As a Christian, what habits must I practice in order to live the Christ centered life as a disciple? How must I be led, if I am to lead others in the Kingdom?

We have defined this in four categories:

  1. Word- Discipleship. The word teaches me character and conduct for my everyday life. In addition, it reveals the plans and purposes of God, in order for me to align my life’s goals and direction. The word of God is critical to overcoming life’s challenges.
  1. Prayer- Fellowship. Communication is important in any relationship. Faith in God is seen as you talk with Him each and every day. It demonstrates our dependency on Him. A great man of God once stated, when asked how much time he spends in prayer each day- I never spend an hour in prayer but I never go an hour without praying. Prayer is essential to peace and confidence.
  1. Community- Relationship. The body of Christ is designed to build itself through being relationally connected. We need each other on this journey. No matter how strong we may think we are- there will always be that day or moment when we cannot do it alone. Community is having common unity with others. Caring and sharing the Christian journey. Community is vital to healthy living
  1. Serving- Building Platforms. The strongest Christians are those who keep themselves accountable and in demand through serving others. Our lives are supposed to be sacrificed, to the extent that we lay them down through serving. This allows others a platform to stand on. Serving and Building platforms is about preferring others. Serving is defined as living the greatest life.

So, for us at The Tabernacle, the answer to living in the kingdom each and every day is having a lifestyle that practices- Staying in the Word as a disciple, Having fellowship with God through Prayer, Living in strong relationships within a community of believers and serving the body through building platforms.

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