Dr. Ashanti & Susan Witherspoon – Society of Servant Leaders – Baton Rouge, LA

October 6, 2016

Dr. Ashanti & Susan Witherspoon

Society of Servant Leaders

Baton Rouge, LA

Host – Dr. June Knight


About Dr. Ashanti & Susan:

This ministry is coordinated by Pastor Ashanti Witherspoon and Susan Martin-Witherspoon. Both have dedicated their lives to serving people in their areas of need.

ashanti-witherspoonPastor Ashanti Witherspoon originally hails from Chicago. His teenage years saw his involvement with a gang gain him leadership into criminal activities. Eventually he travelled to Louisiana where the crimes occurred that sent him to prison with a seventy-five year sentence. When he first arrived at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, Louisiana he was classified as a militant, rebellious against the prison administration and correctional officers. After years of ups and downs he gave his life to the Lord and became involved in every educational program that time would allow. He always began as a student, and upon graduation he returned to that class as an instructor. He became involved in the institutional educational programs and inmate run life enrichment organizations. Over time he became the president and coordinator of many.  He eventually became a magazine writer, magazine editor, public speaking instructor, anger management instructor, minister, clerk for various departments within the prison, CPR instructor (and was one of the first three inmate instructor trainers in the nation) for the American Heart Association. After twenty years the prison administration allowed him to travel throughout the state of Louisiana (speaking in schools, community centers, colleges, churches and other institutions) and give his testimony as a means to deter youths away from crime and focus their lives on God. During his 25th year of incarceration he was asked to be in a documentary called The Farm – Life Inside Angola Prison. The Farm was nominated for an Academy Award and shown throughout the world. On June 18, 1999, almost three year later, he was released on parole. Since his return to society he has owned several businesses, been an associate pastor for nine years, hosted his own talk show, is a former board member of the Innocence Project of New Orleans, is  member of Kairos Prison Ministry and CO.P.E. (Coalition of Prison Evangelist), is a board member of Fellowship With The Trinity, and Standing on the Rock Ministries, travels as an international speaker and is a Distinguished Toastmaster with Toastmasters International (the public speaking organization). He received his doctorate in Theology in January, 2013 and currently teaches at the Leaders’ Institute.

Susan Martin-Witherspoon was born in California, but was raised in the swamplands of Manchac, Louisiana. She developed a servant’s heart as a young age while she learned ministry and became involved in a variety of activities. Life’s events carried her from Manchac, to Kentucky, back to Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. She was married, gave birth to a son and daughter and following the death of her husband developed and ran two companies. One was a house renovation business and the other was a commercial janitorial service. She met Ashanti in 2004, moved back to Louisiana and began to work on many ministry and community development and ministry projects. She became a researcher for the Innocence Project, developed the opportunity or volunteer ministry for Miracle Place Church, headed several departments within the church, and became a public speaker. Today she is one of coordinators of the Society of Servant Leaders, counsels, is involved in prison ministry and feeding the hungry. Like Ashanti, she holds the designation with Toastmasters International as a Distinguished Toastmaster, which is the highest award a Toastmaster can achieve. She is also a praise and worship dancer with worship flags and has produced several DVD’s. She received her bachelors degree in Theology in January of 2013, and currently teaches college courses at the Leaders’ Institute. She is a member of the Coalition of Prison Evangelists (C.O.P.E.) and is a member of the board of directors of Fellowship With The Trinity Ministry and Standing on the Rock Ministries. Ashanti and Susan Martin were married on August 30, 2008, but didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy a honeymoon due to the arrival of Hurricane Gustov, which devastated parts of Louisiana. Instead they spent their time feeding people and helping the elderly who were trapped in the neighborhoods and could not get out to the FEMA supply lines. Since they could not enjoy their intended honeymoon, they renew their vows in a different section of the world during the fall of each year.

Together, they teach people how to lead through servanthood.