Auburn & Tahesa Harris – Apostolic Revivalists – Metro Fire Missions Base Revival Hub – San Antonio, TX

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

7:00 p.m. CST

Apostolic Revivalists

Auburn & Tahesa Harris

Metro Fire Missions Base Revival Hub

River to the Nations

San Antonio, Texas

About Auburn & Tahesa Harris:

We are a missions base designed to train and send people into the world to do what JESUS did to change the world. We have been in operation for 10 years in San Antonio, TX.

About Us

auburn-harris2River To The Nations is the Apostolic-Prophetic ministry of Apostles Auburn and Tahesa Harris.  We are a growing and thriving Apostolic-Prophetic Community.  It is our desire to see the cities, communities and the neighborhoods of this world transformed by the power of GOD. We want to equip and release millions of laborers into the vineyard and spearhead movements by the SPIRIT of GOD around the world. Also, it is our desire to raise-up and pioneer thousands of New Testament Christian Communities in cities world-wide. We desire reformation and transformation at every level of society.  Auburn and Tahesa Harris are the Founders, Overseers of The River to the Nations Community (RTTN), which was originally founded in June 1999. Formerly the organization was known as the Ephesus Community International however the official transition to the name, The RTTN Community finally occurred in 2011.

RTTN Community

auburn-harris3The RTTN Community is a vertical Apostolic Community.  The organization provides vertical Apostolic covering for each of the ministries that are a part of the community. The nature of covering is one provided by Apostolic leadership and government.  In this case, the authority and gifting of the Apostolic leadership is utilized to build up, nurture, and protect all leaders and those ministries belonging to the community. In addition, there is an Apostle that presides over the ministry community along with a board of other Apostolic leaders which provide oversight regarding the differentiation and integration throughout the organization. The Apostolic leadership role consist of directing the overall direction of the ministry community, establish doctrine, oversee the ministry government and community, and operate as the chief visionary and strategist for the ministry community.  Each ministry in the community is a self-governing entity operating under the direction of its ministry leaders.

We are an Apostolic-Prophetic Ministry and Movement

Many people ask what is your denomination.  We are an Apostolic-Prophetic Ministry.  We are part of a growing worldwide movement in which the LORD has begun to reveal the need to go back to the biblical foundations of establishing HIS church.  Many in the Body of CHRIST call this movement the New Apostolic Reformation.  It is called a reformation because it is not just restoring some truths to the Church that will change a specific ministry of the church; it is changing how we completely do church.  The Bible teaches the foundation of the church is the Apostles and Prophets with JESUS as the chief cornerstone.  The LORD has been in the process of restoring many truths that were lost to the church.  HE began to do this starting with the Protestant Reformation.

Since then many moves of the HOLY SPIRIT has restored these truths to the Body of CHRIST.  In many cases HE has revealed new application of these truths resulting in amazing outpourings of HIS Presence and Power in the earth.  One of the major truths restored was the truth of the full five-fold ministry found in Ephesians 4:11-12.  Over the last fifty years the LORD has brought to light not only the need for each of those gifts to be present in the church but has also given the grace to those who desire to move into the manifestation of them.  The Church has traditional embraced the gifts of the Pastor, Teacher and Evangelist.  Over the last fifty years the LORD has provided the Church a fuller understanding of these gifted ministers and their ministry to the Body of CHRIST.  This has resulted in many dynamic developments within the Body of CHRIST.

auburn-harris4Everything from Pastoral counseling to Praise and Worship has been the outgrowth of the revelation and grace the HOLY SPIRT has brought to light in our generation.  Recently the emphasis has been on restoring the gifted ministers and the ministries of the Apostles and the Prophets.  Just like the other three ministry gifts it has dramatically shifted the way we do church.  These ministries have helped to establish the supernatural dimension of the kingdom of GOD and the supernatural dimension of the conflict we are up against.  Another element it has made known to the Church is the proper alignment of gifts and ministries within the Body.  Allowing us to see the order the LORD intended for the Church to have. Ephesians 2:20 tells us the foundation of the church is the Apostles and the Prophets with JESUS being the chief cornerstone.  This means the ministry of the Apostle and the Prophets are the ministries the rest of the Church should be built on.  This shift in thinking is bringing about some of the biggest changes we have seen in the Church.  We are a part of this emerging Church the LORD is bringing forth in our day and age.  We believe it is this emerging church that will be the vehicle that will carry the greatest dimension of GOD’s Power and Presence any generation has ever seen.

We are an Apostolic-Prophetic Company and Community

auburn-harris5There is an Apostolic-Prophetic anointing on this ministry.  The term Apostolic-Prophetic refers to the facet of Church leadership and ministries whose function is to establish the foundations for the Church and equips the Body of Believers.  We are a company of Apostolic-Prophetic ministers.  We are training and raising the next generation of powerful five-fold ministers and Believers.  Then we are sending them into the various pillars of society to be aligners and restorers.  They will be able to move in the supernatural and bring the greater glory to their generation.  They will be able to synchronize heaven and earth.  Then we will see the justice of the LORD manifested in the regions and nations we are meeting in and going to war for.

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