Beautiful Eyes Ministry – Homeless in Nashville, TN

BEM8Tuesday, March 31, 2015

**2 Hour Special**

9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Angela Simms

Beautiful Eyes Ministry

Homeless in Nashville, TN



About Angela Simms – Founder:

I have always had a heart for the homeless, the abused, the addicts, the single moms, the prostitutes and the broken because I could somehow not only love them but I could understand just a portion of their pain because I had been there. I can relate to many out on the streets and I wanted to not only help them with food and clothes but to show them that they can overcome anything thru Jesus. You see, I am a single mom, I have lived through years of emotional and physical abuse, drug addiction and crippling pain, full of hate, depression and suicidal but three (3) years ago I recommitted my life to Jesus and my life was radically changed. I received my physical healing from pain after 21 years of pain that was so severe that I lived on eight (8) different medications a day, injections, nerve blocks plus add alcohol. I was literally suicidal many times, depressed and broken.

After I recommitted my life to Christ all of this had been taken away. I was NEW!

I had hope, joy and finally experienced true love. That true love is what I have in Christ. I was HEALED after living in 24/7 pain for over 21 years then all the meds I was living on I totally surrendered them because I knew I couldn’t do it alone or would’ve had to go to detox or had a heart attack because of the massive amount of pills I was on. I told God that it was all Him and He would have to take these pills and alcohol away from me and I didn’t have one withdrawal and that’s totally JESUS!

Things began to change and I had forgave people that had hurt me mentally and physically; Jesus was transforming my heart and I was becoming completely BRAND NEW. Not only was I made brand new but my passion, my heart and my calling were being made apparent. It started 3 years ago when people at my church started speaking into me telling me that I was going to be surrounded by the abused, addicted and broken and would be used to speak life into them. I had no idea what any of that meant until it all added up in August.

In August a friend of mine; Carlos from my church SLOWBURN had asked me to join him and a group of people to go out on the streets of Nashville and pray for people. That night I was being pulled only to the homeless, my heart would literally ache and I was just pulled to them. I would cry when I left and leaving them was absolutely like leaving my family alone on the streets. Jesus was breaking my heart piece by piece for what breaks His so I could be used to help them.

The next week that is all I saw, they were being highlighted like never before and I would just sit on the streets and talk for hours and often would go down there nightly by myself. At the end of October Carlos and Pastor Clint Thomas from my church SLOWBURN had spoke to me asking me to take over the homeless ministry part because at this point that is what it had become; God had big plans and it was over 100-150  homeless people meeting us at the flag poles at Riverfront every week, my dad and I picking up groups and taking them to our church and they knew that this was my heart so I was honored and humbled to lead such a ministry.

Over the next few months God’s plan and provision was unfolding. What started out as taking PB &J for food, scrapping up money for waters and loading my car with a few donated clothes had turned into restaurants donating hot food, a bus being donated and so many clothes from people all over that we have in 2 locations now. It is amazing when God is for something how it just happens without even planning it. I knew God wanted me out there on the streets to love on people and I was the perfect one to do it because I could relate and I wasn’t talking down to anyone; I was just loving them. I was real, I was raw and people trusted me and in return relationships began…..

In November it was time to think about becoming a non-profit as well as a name for the ministry and it was obvious what God wanted me to name the ministry. When I would sit and talk to the homeless for hours I didn’t see the addict, the abused, the broken…I looked deep into their eyes as they told me their story and I SAW THE BEAUTY IN THEM THAT JESUS SAW. I knew that I wanted to be the hands and feet of Jesus and help them see the beauty in them. It didn’t matter their past, what mattered is that through Jesus they could overcome everything and my goal was to love them unconditionally and speak life into them, share the gospel, pray for them and just do life with them. Many do not have family or even real friends and it was becoming obvious that as my ministry team was building that my team all shared one thing…and that was we wanted the people in Nashville FREE!

We loved them, we are for them, we care for them and this is what we are about. There are many homeless outreaches but I wanted this ministry to be different. We do feed and clothe them but more importantly we pray with them, we do life with them and we love them. We are family! One of our friends down there told me this “I will walk to be with you all even if I am sick or if the weather is bad because when I walk into where you all are, I feel the presence of the holy spirit and when you all leave; the presence leaves with you all”. Thats what we want. We want to continue to pour into the homeless community so that they become lights and they share the love of Jesus thru out the community……

Over the past few months it has been just beautiful to be called because they just need prayer, called up to hospitals, asked to be in delivery rooms and just hearing their joys, their breakthrus and seeing the change that God is making in their lives. The vision that God has given me is bigger and it will happen but we do need continued help. We have the team that goes out every week but we need to help them get jobs, homes and back to their families. We need the connections and resources and that is where we are now. There are well over 5000 homeless people now and we need to all pray for them daily. We need to quit thinking that someone else will stop and help them.

It is our job and they are put in our path for a reason. They need tents, they need sleeping bags, they need clothes, jobs, homes, bus fare. We are honored and humbled that God trusts us with His people and we give God all the glory in what is going on. Every week we see salvations, healings, strongholds broken, joy, laughter and families being restored and we give God all the glory. IT IS NOT ABOUT US…IT IS ABOUT HIM! We are just His hands and feet. We do see the beauty in them that Jesus sees and we want them to look in the mirror and see that same beauty.

Angela Simms

Beautiful Eyes Ministry-Ministry Leader


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