Prophet Bill Jenkins – Author of The Prophetic Almanac 2016 – Indianapolis, IN

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Author & Prophet Jenkins

Indianapolis, Indiana

bill2Pastor Bill Jenkins is the founder and Senior Pastor of the Church of A.C.T.S. as well as a television and radio host. Rapidly becoming known as an Apostle of God with a prophetic voice, he works to release a message of hope in our world. With deep spiritual revelation and insight from God’s Word, Pastor Bill takes the toughest passages of scripture and explains them in a practical and interesting way. He is the “go-to-guy” when it comes to understanding Biblical numbers and their scriptural significance. A devoted husband and father, his passion is for others to become successful as they apply the principles of Christ. Jenkins is a seasoned prophet whom God is raising up in the last of the last days, to tear down the devil’s strongholds, and to bring hope to the hopeless.

As a seventeen-year-old with a strong passion for baseball, Bill Jenkins had an opportunity to sign a professional contract, but it was only three days before his 18th birthday when Jenkins had an encounter with God, which completely changed his life and future.

Instead of seeking success through baseball, Jenkins became a youth pastor and traveled the United States preaching the gospel. Later, Jenkins attended Christ for the Nations Bible College in Dallas, Texas, where he graduated in 1990. That is when God spoke to Pastor Bill again, and told him to go to the heart of America and get the spiritual heart pumping and the blood flowing.

Thus, Jenkins traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana where he set in motion the Church of A.C.T.S., a spirit-filled church on Indianapolis’ South side.

Among his many accomplishments, Pastor Bill Jenkins has worked with Indianapolis city officials, including the mayor, in effort to reduce crime. He has also organized events at Bankers Life Fieldhouse and the Indiana State Fairgrounds to unite the churches of Indianapolis. Through his effort and dedication, Pastor Bill Jenkins has been awarded the Mayor’s Community Service Award, and was recognized as a “Man of Distinction” by the Indiana Minority Business Magazine. As an author, Jenkins has been interviewed on  numerous radio stations nation-wide, and has appeared as a guest on TBN’s “Praise the Lord” worldwide program.

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