Brandon Cornelius – Apostolic Revivalist – Spirit Life Training Center Revival Center – Jackson, MS

Friday, January 29, 2016

7:00 p.m. CST

Apostolic Revivalist Brandon Cornelius

Spirit Life Training Center Revival Center

Jackson, MS


About Brandon D. Cornelius Sr.

brandon-corneliusBrandon Cornelius is the Founder and Leader of Spirit Life Training Center located in the city of Jackson, Mississippi.

Brandon D. Cornelius Sr. is also a family man. He is married to Denise C. Cornelius and they have one son, Brandon D. Cornelius Jr.

He also is a teacher of PE/Health and he also coaches boys basketball at Rowan Middle School in Jackson Mississippi.



Spirit Life Training Center is a multicultural and multi-denominational ministry that is known to be a modern – day tabernacle of David where worship to God is intense and unrelenting; releasing a glory where God is welcomed to exercise His reign and dominion whenever He desires.  It is a ministry with a strategic assignment to equip the saints to bring Kingdom dominion to their realm of rule, while overthrowing kingdoms of darkness in the city of Jackson and beyond.

*multicultural- we welcome all races, cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds to come and assemble with us

*multi-denominational- we welcome all denominations to come and assemble with us

Brandon desires to be known for ONE thing – and that is His love and devotion to Jesus.  He believes that everything that exudes from his life is because of His passionate love for the One who saved his life and is Lord of his life, Jesus Christ.

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