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Pastor Brondon Mathis

Yeshua Life Center

Columbus, Ohio


Brondon and Noe Mathis have been ordained ministers for the last 26 and 20 years respectively, having served on the staff and leadership team of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, as well as 8 years on the Pastoral Staff at World Harvest Church in Columbus Ohio.
While on staff at World Harvest Church Brondon was director of Evangelism and Outreach, establishing & operating its inner city ministries called Metro Harvest Church.
Comprised of four satellite community centers on each side of town, these centers, called Hope Centers, were established by Brondon Mathis to minister to thousands in the inner-city of Columbus Ohio. Over a 5 year period over 10,000 souls were saved and discipled from the government projects of the inner cities through this ministry.
Brondon and Noe Mathis are committed to seeing the Church returned to her covenant roots, as well as the release of Justice in the inner-cities of the earth, through day and night prayer, the performing arts, and feeding ministries to the poor.
They have been Married for 19 years and have 5 children. Shekinah, Israeli, Imanuel, Aharon, and Hannah-Aliyah.

About Yeshua Life Center

Prayer Room


Central to the work of the vision of Yeshua Life Center will be the establishing of our 24/7 prayer room, inspired by David’s tabernacle (1 Chr. 23:5; 25:7), where 288 singers and 4,000 musicians were employed as their full-time occupation to minister to the Lord and serve the community. We will divide the 24/7 schedule into twelve worship-based prayer meetings a day, each lasting two hours.
Scripture teaches that night-and-day prayer is deeply connected to the fullness of God’s power and purpose being released (Lk. 18:7–8; cf. Isa. 62:6–7). We are offering Jesus unceasing worship, while contending for justice and for the power of the Holy Spirit to be manifest and bring transformation in every sphere of society.


City Crusades


One night in 1993 when I was in an all night prayer time in my Dad’s little store front Church, I was praying for an outreach I was having in my city.  I was praying over and over again, “GOD SAVE OUR CITY,” “GOD SAVE OUR CITY.” I felt the Lord ask me, “Do you want me to show you what a saved city looks like?”  I said, Yes Lord, show me.  He said, “Read Revelation 21.”   I begin reading Revelation 21 till I fell asleep on the altar.   As I fell asleep I had a vision of what I was reading.

A Burning City of Light

I saw the most beautiful city I had ever seen.  It was bright as the noon day sun.  The whole city was full of light.  The foundational color that permeated the whole city was GOLD.  Then in the dream the spirit took me back to the process of how the city became bright as the noon day sun.  Immediately I was back in my City, Columbus Ohio as it presently was.  In the city I saw 12 small flickering lights, barely flickering on each side of town, in the midst of darkness all around.

12 Lights to the City – Praying City Churches on Each Side of Town

The closer I got to those lights I could see that those lights were being fueled by small groups of worshipping and praying believers that were singing and falling on their faces praying in 12 small buildings on 4 sides of the city, in the midst of the darkness of the city.  As they continued worshipping and praying, these lights began to grow into huge bon fires, burning and illuminating their particular sides of town, the more the believers worshipped and prayed.  As they increased and continued their prayer and worship, people began being drawn to these burning fires out of the darkness, and out of religious churches within the city, without anyone saying anything to them.  As they came to the light they began to instinctively worship and pray, as they saw the small groups doing it.

12 Gates and Angels to the City

The more they increased their prayer and worship, the more people were drawn to the light. The more people were drawn to their light the larger the light shined.  These 12 little buildings began to be sovereignly transformed from little shack-like buildings into the largest buildings I had ever seen, reaching up to sky around the city, hovering over homes and whole neighborhoods.  They were not skyscrapers, but they reached high around the city.  Out of each burning fire coming out of each building were these huge Angels that began to dispel the demons that were responsible for the darkness in the city.  The more the people worshipped and prayed the larger the fires burned, the brighter the lights shined, the larger the buildings became, and the bigger the Angels over them grew.  In the hands of these angels were the largest swords I had ever seen.  Each Angel over each burning building faced outward. Every time foreign entities attempted to enter the city, these Angels, being fueled by the worship and the prayers of the growing groups, would wield their swords, and these intruders to the city would be pushed back and scattered out of the city.

The larger these lights and buildings on each side of town grew; they grew into one giant corporate worship and prayer session, illuminating one giant ball of fiery light, lighting up the whole city.   It seemed as if these 12 buildings grew to the size of stadiums full of people, illuminating their light until they were one gigantic expression of the Church in the city; people as far as your eye could see in the city, enraptured in light and pure gold.

When I awoke the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “The 12 little flickering lights are 12 little praying churches of believers that I will raise up in the years to come, 3 on each side of the town, as Gates and gatekeepers to the city, with power and authority in their prayers to offer up to the King of the City a worthy Bride for His Son.”  These 12 praying churches will have angels that will be the gate keepers of the city, teaching and leading the people in prayer and worship.  These Gatekeepers will be Apostolic Prophets with the Heart of God that will decree and declare as watchmen, the Will and Word of God over a city. As I awoke and heard God’s interpretation of the dream, immediately a verse of scripture dropped into my heart concerning a dream Jacob had about the Church from Genesis 28:17

And he was afraid, and said, how dreadful is this place! This is none other than the house of God, AND THIS IS THE GATE OF HEAVEN.

Pastor Mathis’ Books:

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Notes From His Broadcast:


These are the Notes I Took from His Broadcast today! You must hear the word of the Lord!


Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved!




Prepare for His return!


Vs. 21 – It shall come to pass that EVERYONE THAT CALLS UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD SHALL BE SPARED!  The great and terrible day of the Lord….


If you’re preacher is not calling his people to prayer…if he’s not callign the elders and the priests to the porch and the alter..he’s missing the spirit of God!


Many that name the name of Christ will be judged along with the unrighteous!


Spare your people Oh God!


Anyone can say you’re a Christian…but it takes someone who is Christ-like…someone who is seeing visions…dreaming dreams…prophesying…to see God’s will on Earth!


God is raising up cities of refuge and pockets all over the nation!  It is a group of believers that come together across racial lines, etc. to lift up the name of Jesus saying SPARE YOUR PEOPLE JESUS! SPARE YOUR PEOPLE IN MY CITY!  This is THE outstanding characteristics of regions that will be SPARED THE JUDGMENT.  Cities that come together across congregational lines…segregated lines…drop their divisions!


Praying, worshipping and sending up prayers to God day and night…


Lack, famine and economic collapse will not touch!  The great economic collapse will not touch the prayer groups….when they come together…the priest…the elders…etc….


When they prayed in Joel 2…God released upon them….God told them to FEAR NOT!  The tree bears fruit!!!  Be glad oh children of Zion and rejoice in the Lord your God!


He has poured down to you the ABUNDANT RAIN!  He will restore to you the years the cankerworm has stolen!




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Pastor Mathis & His WifePastor Mathis & His Wife