Bride Time LIVE w/Dr. June Knight & Special Guest Missionary to China – Christopher Gregory

Washington DC – Thursday, July 25, 2019

Missionary Christopher Grey & his wife Ruth, are missionaries to China. He will talk about the culture there and how it is to minister there.

About Christopher Gregory:

Christopher Gregory is a teacher, evangelist, and Missionary to the nation of China with his wife Ruth. Together, they have established and/or planted 14 underground churches in Communist China. Not only with their work in China, but they have also ventured into new territory with new work in both the nation of India and recently South Africa, not too mention Burma and Myanmar, where they have dug water wells for villagers in both nations.

Mr. Gregory is also a writer and author, with his latest book, “American Christianity” released last year through his own publishing house – Gregory House Publishing. With an emphasis on the prophetic, and what is happening in the world today, Mr. Gregory has an exceptional view of the current world events that are taking place but with a biblical explanation.