Carolyn Tynes- Pastor of I Am Blessed Ministries – Poplarville, MS – “God Calls the Ordinary”

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

7:00 p.m. CST

Pastor Carolyn Tynes

I Am Blessed Ministries

Poplarville, MS

About Pastor Tynne –

carolyn-tynneStayed out a long time but when I came back to the Lord I had a stronger calling to get out of the box and not be a pew warmer!  I preached my first sermon on Wed. June 9Th and my mother heard the CD and told me she was so proud of me and she went to be with The Lord the 12th of June. She saw her mantle was passed.  My Mother passed away in 2010 and before she died she said “Carolyn, I am passing my mantle to you.” After that I had something that wouldn’t let me rest.

We went from place to place trying to fit in but couldn’t . I got sick and the Dr. I saw  told her we were looking for a building for a ministry.  The doctor said she had one and when we walked in I knew in my Spirit that was the place.  It was Green Gold Blue garage sale things in it, but I knew that was the place.  The lady let us have the place rent free!  We only had to pay water and lights and pay taxes.

We had $238.00 that another church gave us to start with!  Someone came in and painted the building for no charge!!! The Lord spoke no fund raisers that He would take care of us and He has!! We have never had to ask for a special offering! God Supplies it all.

I have a 9th grade education and GED . I went to Cosmetology and worked a short while . God called me and opened a door and we walked in. God uses the Common Women to spread His Word too!!

We had our first service May 29th 2011 This coming May will be 5 years People said we would never make it But God!!

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