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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Special Guest:

Cathy Stewart

Hearts Aflame for HIM Ministries

Ccathy-stewartathy has a heart of gold. She is so compassionate and the love of Jesus just oozes from her presence. She is very gifted and God uses her to spread the love of Jesus. She is a woman of prayer so if you need prayer, call in and she will minister to you!

Cathy is the Founder/Director of Hearts Aflame For HIM Ministry with the home office in Gordonsville, Tennessee ( 50 mi east of Nashville ). Cathy and her daughter Danielle travel to various cities across the U.S. stirring the fire of God and awakening the Bride. She has a mandate from heaven to help others recognize their worth and to pursue the plans that God has especially for them!

Cathy is passionate about the “PURENESS” of God’s Word and boldly stands for Truth. She is an evangelist not only to the unsaved but to the backslider and to those who have been led astray into false doctrines. She challenges everyone to search the scriptures for themselves and KNOW what the Word of God says.

Cathy works with different ministries and helps organize evangelistic crusades, prayer and worship gatherings. She is a part of New Rivers Int’l Ministry Center in Lebanon, Tennessee under the leadership of Todd Lackey.

One of her greatest joys is going to the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in northeast Montana to preach the gospel and share the love of Christ. In May, she will make her 6th trip out West to oversee a two-week crusade in Wolf Point, Montana. She says that revival has come and is beginning to sweep across the nation! Hallelujah!

Cathy  is also very excited because the ministry is expanding. Along with her friend and Assistant Retha Orr from Shelbyville, Illinois; others from Elkhart, Indiana will be joining the team this year.

Also, this summer, Hearts Aflame will venture to other Reservations across Montana including the Blackfeet Reservation in Browning. Cathy is quick to give God all the Glory for what He is doing!

She believes in Team Ministry with the Body of Christ working together to fulfill the Great Commission!  Looking to bring salvation, deliverance, and healing, Hearts Aflame is ready to go wherever God sends!  She is also a part of a strong prayer network and understands the importance of prayer in the life of the Believer! She will be assisting in a Prayer Conference on April 24-25  in South Bend, Indiana with Prophetess Nelda Stewart of Servants of the Streets Ministry.

Cathy is the mother of four children and three grandchildren who reside here in Tennessee. She says they are the best ” kids ” in the world because …… “they so graciously allow me to do what God has called me to!” Their encouragement and willing sacrifice have allowed me to “be at peace” as I obey the call of God upon my life!”

If you are interested in having Cathy speak at your church or group function, feel free to contact her at her e- mail address …..


This is Cathy’s daughter.  She is a strong prayer warrior and intercessor. She loves to worship and is used by The Lord in the gift of prophecy. SHE TRULY DOES HAVE A HEART OF GOLD!

Hearts Aflame for HIM  mission statement


  • Igniting hearts to open up to God’s amazing love and to follow hard after HIM!
  • Stirring the body of Christ to awaken to the call upoin their lives.
  • Calling the true worshippers to arise!


It is all about HIM!


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