Clarion Call Show – California’s Assault on Christianity

Thursday, May 3, 2018

7:00 p.m. CST

California Assault on Christianity

Dr. June Knight


We are the Bride Ministries

Host – The  Clarion Call Show

Watchman on the Wall


California Bill 2943 about stopping Christians from helping LGBTQ community to hear truth from the Bible. This is an assault on Christianity. Dr. June goes through the bill line by line.

There is a firestorm in our country over this bill that California legislature passed concerning the ban to Christian intervention to THE LGBTQ community’s souls.
After Dr. June was instructed to take down a post on Facebook for displaying an article exposing this, Dr. June reviews the law passed in California concerning homosexuality, transgenders, etc. This law will affect the churches, pastors, AND FAMILIES! Beware church! Persecution has begun!
Here’s link of the article in which I had to remove from Facebook:
Link to Sarah Palin’s Article –

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