Clarion Call Show w/Dr. June Knight – w/Dr. Phillip Morris – “Tattoos & Demons”

 Thursday, December 07, 2017

Clarion Call Show

Host Dr. June Knight

December  07, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. CST

“Tattoos & Demons”

Special Guest – Dr. Phillip Morris

12-07-17 – This is Show #5 and Dr. June will have guests explaining the dangers of tattoos.  The church has been infiltrated by the devil through tattoos.  We see minister after ministers flashing their tattoos around on the platform in their tight shirts and it’s a rebellion-pride being displayed before God’s people. Tattoos are on the increase and running rampant in the Body.  It’s infiltrated the church causing the Body to be sick in the spirit. Demons are a portal to the enemy to penetrate the temple of God. It’s mixing with the world like whoredom to God. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost and meant to be separate, holy, consecrated to the Lord, etc.  We are called to come OUT of Egypt…not to look like Egypt. This show will examine the infiltration of the church and the Body of Christ.

We will discuss the scripture, the spiritual and the health of allowing tattoos to be carved into our skin – the temple of God. Are tattoos OK? It’s the Old Testament so it doesn’t apply today? Why does it harm us if Christians can’t have demons? It will not harm me. Do demons attach to tattoos? Is there health repercussions? Can I get addicted to tattoos? More info as well.

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About Dr. Phillip Morris

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Dr. Phillip Morris is a Spiritual Warfare Specialist! He has been doing deliverance for 35 years all across the world! He has hundreds of materials that are available for the Bride to learn more about demons and how to be set free! Check them all out at

 SHOW WILL AIR ON 12/07/17