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Special Guest – Chris Poole

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Chris Poole

Chris Poole has been ministering in our region lately everywhere! He has been imparting the fire of the Lord into the Body of Christ! He sounds the alarm making the Body aware of the importance of our times! He is very wise in his understanding of the perilous hour and the times that we are living in. You will stay glued to the edge of your seat while you listen to this servant of God. He’s very humble in his approach to spreading the gospel and you will be very blessed! He does not hold back and will speak the word of the Hour!

After years of success in corporate business, Chris was taken into an encounter with the Lord in the Fall of 1991, at which time he was turned into another man. From that encounter, he began to study the Voice of God in all its ways and began teaching what he had learned as early as 1993. Then, in 1998, Chris founded In His Presence Ministries as a vehicle to carry that ministry.  In June of 2002, the Lord visited Chris again, this time in a face to face visitation, and imparted His heart for His people regarding the fact that the true prophetic spirit is a revelation of Jesus Christ, the Son. Out of these encounters, Chris has been training and equipping believers ever since to hear the Voice of the Lord, and from a standpoint that prepares the vessels for the coming glory, and gives Jesus the glory that He deserves.

This is a YouTube playlist I created that contains the messages Chris spoke about:

 These are the men Chris spoke about:

Neville Johnson

Terry Bennett

Psalm 24:3,4,5

Are we fully HIS?


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