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Wednesday July 8th, 2015

Chuck McDonald

The WELL Ministry

Lake City, SC

Host: Tristan Major


     Chuck McDonald is truly a project that God the Father is continually working on. The clay in the hands of the Potter. Chuck was saved on November 30th, 1992. He went to an altar a sex-addict and arose a new creation. He spent several years in the IPHC Conference working with youth. When he married he moved into the Church of God where he lead worship and taught. After being awakened to the real, burning desire God has placed in us for a relationship, not a slave to Christianity, Chuck and his wife Cherie began ministering to the local community with weekly services, housing troubled youth and opening a thrift store that reaches the poor, lost and homeless people in the local community.

     Chuck’s world was altered in the summer of 2011, when while out on a normal Friday night at a local restaurant, Jesus made Himself famous. A local man down on his luck entered the restaurant selling shelled pecans to make pocket change. He limped around the dining hall visiting every table. Finally he arrived at Chuck’s table wanting $2 for a bag of pecans. Well one of his spiritual kids handed the man $2, told the man to keep the pecans and asked very pointedly to pray for his foot. The man agreed and after the prayer said thank you and walked out of the establishment with no limp. To everyone’s amazement at the table. The man then returned into the center of the dining hall and said ” My foot don’t hurt anymore”. The place erupted with praise and glory and even amazement. That Jesus would actually show up on a Friday night in the middle of a small town restaurant and do something only He can get the credit for.

     Needless to say Chuck’s perspective on the reality of Jesus to people became very real. This has launched him into a direct pursuit to encounter his city with the real, tangible presence of Jesus. Years later he has seen many lives impacted with a type of power evangelism that could never be seen in modern church culture. Continue the ministry of Jesus has been Chucks mission.

     Chuck’s vision is to connect with churches, ministries and organizations and teach and train normal, everyday life people to impact their jobs, shopping centers, grocery stores, gas stations or restaurants with the power and presence of Jesus. To reach out to those who are in front of you and impact a region with the gospel. Chuck connects with churches to impart and impact regions with the fire of power evangelism and see lives changed for the Kingdom of God. Imparting the Kingdom of God to the nation and more.

     Chuck is ordained through ICCM ( International Congress of Churches and Ministries) as a minister of the Gospel. Chuck flows with a prophetic anointing geared to awaken the sleeping Bride that is destined to shake the planet with glory.

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