Grab you a cup of coffee and study the word with Dr. June!

Clarion Call Show

Clarion Call

Host Dr. June Knight

Thursday nights at 7 p.m. CST

Dr. June is a watchmen on the wall and will be addressing issues and topics in our country – news stories, interviews, special topics, etc., and exposing the enemy. She will reveal how the enemy is infiltrating the church as a whole (Ekklesia) and ways that we can protect our families, churches, and communities.  Dr. June is partnering with Heaven to usher in the Great Revival!  Dr. June is a watchmen on the wall and will be talking about sensitive subjects such as:

  • The Illuminati

  • The Mark of the Beast

  • End Times Subjects

  • RFID Chip – Radio Frequency Identification Device

  • Condition of the Church in America

  • Societal Ills – Spirit of Antichrist in influential places (TV, music, Hollywood, clothing, etc.)

  • Politics (Shadow Government, Antifa, and all ungodly groups)

  • Revival Happenings in America

  • Martyrdom of the Bride

  • Demons and how they operate

  • False Religions, etc.

Dr. June has written many books about the church, end of times, etc. God has given her a passion for our country through the MAGA Revival Tour 2017 and she has seen a lot and will share with the world her findings! She studied in London in Graduate School and discovered the RFID Chip and the Mark of the Beast…so she has various information sources and experiences to present in this broadcast. Tune in to be aware and alert Bride!

Tune in on Thursday nights at 7 p.m. for this new broadcast beginning in November!