**LIVE 2 HOUR SPECIAL** Demons & Deliverance in the Church – It’s Warfare Time Bride!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

7:00 p.m. CST

Demons & Deliverance In the Church


Speakers are:

This broadcast features the following experts:
Susan Cole – Picayune, Mississippi
Lashondria Snipes – Jackson, Tennessee
Dr. Phillip Morris – Highlands, Texas
Patricia Lee – Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Dr. Vann & Dr. Susan Hutchinson – Mullins, South Carolina

Hear the experts talk about demons and the church’s role and how Christians have authority. They will talk about churches who have departments of deliverance, etc.

In this hour…we NEED to know our authority!

Susan Cole:

susan-coleSusan Cole heads up a deliverance department at World Outreach Revival Center in Picayune, Mississippi . She has a broad experience of deliverance with training and partnership with other ministries.  She has been doing deliverance for well over ten years.  She offers training and counseling at her church.

 I am an ordained minister at  World Outreach Revival Center where I am the head of the deliverance ministry. I have been saved for 41 years and of that I have been in the deliverance ministry for 20+ years. Even though I was involved with deliverance at a young age, my ministry really began in Texas where I was officially called into the ministry.

Under the guidance of my dear friends, Wayne and Angela Frans and the Holy Spirit, I began a journey that has led me to where I am today. I have been involved with the deliverance of high priests and witches, crossdresser and warlocks.

To those who are battling rejection, addiction and feeling unloved.  I have been physically and spiritually attacked by the demonic. Would I change any of it? No way. I enjoy every minute of putting the enemy in his place which is under our feet.

In addition to bringing people through the deliverance process, I have taught conferences, classes and counselled individuals. My goal for the future is to become a certified faith-based counselor which I can use alongside of the deliverance ministry.

Lashondria Snipes:


Apostle LaShondria Snipes is a powerful woman of God who serves as the founder and Apostle of Anointed & Appointed Global Ministries in Brownsville, TN.  As a faithful and loyal servant, God has enlarged her territory in one other city, Jackson, TN. God has anointed and appointed Apostle Snipes to proclaim the pure unadulterated Word of God to the lost and broken hearted, as well as to those who are bound and are held captive. In her deliverance ministry many people have come from near and far to receive transformation in their lives. Being an open vessel, her personal testimony has motivated men, women, and children to not only become saved but to pursue a walk of holiness and righteousness; that they are hearers and doers of God’s word.

Apostle Snipes is a dedicated and trustworthy woman of God with true agape love and compassion; always seeking God on how to advance the Kingdom of God. In adversities she stands firm in her position in God. In it all God has equipped her with much wisdom, knowledge and understanding in leading and covering His people.

Dr. Phillip Morris:

phillip-morris2Dr. Morris travelled to Houston in 1979 to attend Gulf Coast Bible College, graduated from Christian College of America with a degree in Psychology/Counseling, and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling from Houston Graduate School of Theology.  He earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Theology from Christian Bible College and Seminary.

In 1982 God thrust Pastor Phillip into the deliverance ministry and called him to “establish the church” by “setting the captives free”.  Pastor Phillip founded Restoration Church in 1992.  He has written several books including “Multiple Personality Disorder, Psychological or Demonic?”, “Spiritual Connections to Personality Disorders”, “Body Piercing”, and “Walking Out Your Deliverance”.

Dr. Morris is anointed as Apostle, Pastor/Teacher and travels to teach and minister spiritual warfare and deliverance locally and internationally.  You may contact him at Restoration Church, 1609 Jones Road, Highlands, TX 77562, or www.restorationchurchhighlands.org

Phillip S. Morris is married, has four children and several grandchildren.  Phillip served two tours in Vietnam before accepting Jesus in 1976.

Patricia Lee:

patApostle Patricia Lee was happily married to Clifford Lee of 48 years and they have three grown children, and six grandchildren.  He passed away in 2015 and will be greatly missed. At that time they resided in Picayune Mississippi. Together they founded Greater Works Fellowship Church in 1999, and since that time, it increased to five GWF churches in Sierria Leone W.A. and one orphanage.  God blessed the Lee’s to serve as Apostles to several other works in Sierria Leone and London England.

Pastor Patricia feels the call to build churches and orphanages and schools across West Africa. Her mission is to fulfill the great commission, “To GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL TO EVERY CREATURE, WITH SIGNS, WONDERS AND MIRACLES.” Mark 16:15.

Her goal is to reach, teach, activate and release the body of Christ to do the work of the ministry. Pastor Patricia has been in active ministry for the past 40 years and has a desire to see a church wide revival. She is a revivalist at heart. She travels nationally and internationally to bring Healing to the Nations.

Following the passing of her husband, Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Apostle Pat Lee redefined her ministry, moved to a neighboring bigger city, and branched into the next phase in her life. She opened her brand new church called The Hub Revival Center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She has an awesome team of believers and they helped her to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit into this next phase in her life. She was honored to be commissioned and imparted into by her spiritual father, Prophet John Mark Pool at the opening ceremony of her new church in November of 2015. He commissioned her into the official office of an Apostle.

Apostle Pat lives in the supernatural and walks in signs wonders and miracles.  She is a new author! Her first book “Supernatural Invasion” is about her revelation of walking in the supernatural naturally!! She has seen the dead raised, the lame to walk, and the blind to see!  She has witnessed multiple healings by the power of God!!  She has seen money appear out of nowhere, etc. Look for her book release soon!

Her life is a great example of how to stay pliable when God changes your life. When He shifts your circumstances, or requires you submit your ministry and give it back to Him, or when He simply takes the love of your life after almost 50 years with him on Earth. She is a blessed woman and very excited about this next season of promotion in God’s kingdom!

Dr. Vann & Dr. Sandy Hutchinson:

vann-sandy-hutchinsonPlease allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Doctors Vann and Sandy Hutchinson from Mullins, SC. We have been in Christian ministry for over thirty years emphasizing the transformation of church members into warriors for Christ.  In our personal ministry, we have seen many miracles, healings, and deliverances from demonic oppression through the name of our Lord Jesus. Sandy has a tremendous testimony of God’s healing power after twenty years of asthma, allergies, and COPD.   Vann has a testimony of raising a lady from the dead through the power of the name of Jesus.

As the latter-day church prepares the way for an end-time revival, we believe that the Holy Spirit is raising up an army of trained, motivated, and equipped believers from all denominations to go forth and demonstrate the power of a living God.  He has trained and anointed us to be teachers in the body of Christ in order to help pave the way for this revival of power, signs, and wonders.

It is our goal to assist the church in moving beyond the “grasshopper” mentality (Num. 13:30-33) to that of Caleb who said, “Let us go up at once and possess it, for we are well able to overcome.” Please allow us to assist you and your congregation by sharing the vision and revelations that God has given us. We are available for all church services, revivals, conferences, and seminars. You may get in touch with us by visiting the contact page, or sending an email to info@vannhutchinsonministries.org

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