Derrick Gates – Apostolic Revivalist – The Way KC Revival Center – Kansas

Monday, January 25, 2016

7:00 p.m. CST

Apostolic Revivalist Derrick Gates

The Way KC Revival Center

Kansas City, Kansas

About Derrick:

derrick-gatesDerrick Gates is an Apostolic Architect, Evangelistic Revivalist, Author, Dream/Vision Interpreter, Song Writer, Artist, and the Founder of The Way KC Revival Center, Fire Starter Ministries and The Supernatural School of Wind and Fire. Derrick Gates had a Radical encounter with Jesus in a outer body death bed experience. He traded the life of major drug dealing, weapons trafficking and various other violent endeavors for a life of powerful demonstrations of the Glory of God.

Derrick has a passion to pull from the well of The Holy Spirit and spread Revival Fire to the Nations. You can expect to see The Gospel preached with demonstrations of signs miracles and wonders. Derrick Gates has authored two books and is in the process of three more. He shares his personal journey from a crime figure to a Jesus freak in the book titled, From Death to Destiny. The second book is a powerful tool in understanding your own destiny titled, Your Supernatural Identity.

Listen to the Broadcast: