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Saturday, March 14, 2015

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Dr. Kevin Purnell

Abba’s Remnant Ministries


Dr. Purnell has a deep grasp and understanding of the Old Testament, the Davidic Covenant and the revelation of the times that we are living in today. He will share what the Holy Spirit has revealed to him about the Arc of the Covenant, the temple, the Chuppah, and the Ancient Jewish wedding which will reflect the days ahead when Jesus comes back after His bride, etc.

Dr. Purnell was raised in Donelson, TN.  By the time he was 16,  he started smoking pot and drinking. Over the next 10 years, it had progressed to Quaalude, Valiums, speed, and cocaine.  During that ten years, I started working at a company where 10-15 of the women were praying.

One of them attended a church where the Pastor (her uncle) said they needed more godly men and to call them forth prophetically. She spoke Dr. Purnell’s name. That was the last thing a self-proclaimed atheist wanted to hear. She would testify and share how God moved in her life. And others at work would witness how God had moved in their lives. A bunch of them would go four wheeling on this hill and party. While smoking pot with a group of people on that hill, God took him out of me about 50-yards to his right and gave him a different perspective on where his life was going.

In 1989 another niece of that Pastor was also working with Dr. Purnell and set him up on a blind date at her church with her cousin. The same church where two years earlier the other niece spoke his name out prophetically. Well he has been at that church since July of 1989 where he teaches/preaches and serve  his Pastor David Gray of Deeper Life Assembly. Pastor David is a Holy Spirit led pastor and has taught him so much over the years. Wanting more, Dr. Purnell started RHEMA correspondence school sometime around 1991. This decision made him very hungry for more of the Word and truth in the Word.

After serving as leadership at church and on the board for “When Men Pray,” Dr. Purnell was still wanting more. In addition for a season he started a youth ministry called “Youth Shake,” a monthy meeting with worship, word and pizza.

kevin2In 2007 God called Dr. Purnell to International Miracle Institute, where in 2014 he graduated with his degree in Doctoral in Christian Theology and a honorary Doctoral in Divinity.

In 2015 in addition to serving Pastor Gray at DLA, Dr. Purnell is part of First Century Disciples and Foundations with Miracle Faith Apostolic Global Church under the direction of Dr. Christian Harfouche.

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