Cliff & Kim Ferrell Worship

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Special Guest

Cliff and Kim Ferrell

group2If you have never sat and listened to this group, you are missing it! They are so anointed and full of God’s love that the Bride just enters into the Holy of Holies very easily with their intercession in worship. There is a difference of just singing and taking the Bride to the throne-room. This group not only takes you to the throne-room, but allows the participants to leave feeling full of God’s glory and ready to face the demonic forces that are waiting on them when they leave the building. It’s groups like these that the Bride longs for.

Intimacy with our groom requires a dance with Him in worship. Whether that dance is literal or in the heart while worshiping…is all yet to be seen.  However, this group will not let you down if you are hungry!

Cliff and Kim Ferrell have been actively involved in various ministries for over 18 years at several churches in the Middle TN area.  They operated a Harp and Bowl Prayer Room for 2 years in Nashville, TN.  Their worship style is not “status quo” but focused solely on going deeper into the Lord’s presence and their desire is to lead others into His presence with them.

Our band, also includes Tony Nobles (Tony is involved with Nashville House of Prayer and helps Bob Perry with the Sacred Assemblies), Dewayne Chappell and others from time to time.

We lead worship at churches, outreaches, and various events.  We have teamed up with Bob Ross Thomas at the Nashville Rescue Mission as well as the Cry Out Nashville event.

 Band Members:

Cliff – lead singer and lead guitar

Kim – backup singer

Dewayne – drums

Tony Nobles – guitar/bass

Earney Chaney  – keyboards

Contact Information: Cliff Ferrell 615-815-7828

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