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Frank & Karla Vivacqua

World Healing Ministries


Missionaries to India



My Name is frank Vivacqua I am forty eight years old.  Over the last fifteen years I have been seriously living for God, this was not always the fact in my life however. I thought I could do a better job of ruling my life, money, decessions, relationships and so on. I soon came to find out I was just wasting precious years and ignoring what God wanted for me. It is really something how we as people have to power to reject the goodness and grace of God and He still forgives us it is a real example of how much God  love us.

I grew up in Chicago Illinois for a good part of my life until my parents thought I was getting into too much trouble and decided to move to a quit suburb. This did not stop the chaos or me getting into trouble. I grew up in a broken home although, my parents did the best they knew how to raise a family. Out of my three siblings I took the reality of our broken home the hardest and ended up using drugs which eventually led me into a spiraling down effect of my life. This caused major depression to set in and eventually I was hospitalized an in therapy just about all of my teenage years. I was prescribed pills which did not work after several years and the last hope the doctors had was to try what is called shock therapy which my parents agreed to.

Well, this worked to a certain degree but it was not until I completely surrendered my life to Jesus Christ that I was able to have my life back. This powerful transformation of truly being in the darkness of a worldly existence to a life filled with the light of Christ which was evident in my thoughts and heart. The spirituality of fellowshipping with Jesus was what my spirit desired all my life, and for the rest of my life I will serve the one who brought out of darkness and into the light…… Jesus Christ

After feeling a call to ministry,I am a graduate of World Harvest Bible College  called Valor Christian College . While in Bible College I also was attending Ohio Christian College where I received my bachelors degree in Business and started my Masters program in Pastoral Counseling.While attending Bible College I met my beautiful wife Karla who was also my missions teacher ( This was a miracle set up from God).

Karla and I both have a heart for planting churches, missions and evangelism in third world countries for God. We currently are involved in CEM Ministries in India where there are three hundred children in the orphanage there, a hospital built by donations that cost one million dollars to build, a christian school and a school where the children will get credit with the local school district all on CEM’s Christian campus. CEM currently has two hundred and sixty eight churches planted under them and we are seeking by God to plant one thousand churches total.

We are planning to spend more time in India and possibly live at CEM to be full time missionaries in the near future. Right now Karla and I serve as Missions and Evangelism department head leaders and are in the worship team at World Over Comers Church in Bartlett Illinois soon to be Encounter church. We are both thankful to God for what He has done in  our lives and we are looking forward to be a part in the Kingdom of God moving forward in the world.

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