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 Friday, March 13, 2015

Terry & Barbi Franklin

Heart for the World Ministries

Missionaries to Egypt


Terry & Barbi Franklin are singers, songwriters, and speakers that have ministered full-time for over 25 years as a duo, focusing on their theme: “Inspiring Love in the Home & Revival in the church.” Through Family Worship Events and Marriage Retreats nation-wide, as well as in 37 countries worldwide, they are touching countless marriages and families with the hope and love of Jesus.

Terry & Barbi possess a burning desire to see God bring Revival and Awakening to the church… starting inside our homes… and spreading to the whole Family of God and ultimately to unbelievers. Their sons, Tyler and Travis, ministered with them until their later college years, and now they are both married. As skilled singers, along with Terry’s abilities at the keyboard and Barbi’s talent on violin, they lead listeners into a worship experience that touches many hearts through their harmonies and heart-felt message.

This is the Awakening They Talked About:

edwards-hae_6e0f887758Jonathan Edwards was the son of two ministerial families. His father, Timothy Edwards, was a Congregationalist minister; his mother, Esther Stoddard Edwards, was the daughter of the powerful Massachusetts minister Solomon Stoddard. Born into a family of clergymen, Edwards was brought up for the ministry, receiving his early education from his father.

When he was twelve, Edwards entered Yale College. Yale had only recently been established as a doctrinal and geographic counter to Harvard College, which some believed was becoming doctrinally liberal. Edwards received a solid theological education, but he also learned the new science, psychology, and philosophy of Isaac Newton, John Locke, George Berkeley, and other contemporary European thinkers. Edwards mixed those two influences—Congregationalist theology and Enlightenment philosophy—as he restated Christian doctrine in terms compatible with the new philosophy.

These educational influences were paralleled by Edwards’s spiritual development. As a child Edwards had experienced religious desires, but he believed himself to be spiritually lacking in two regards. First, he could not yet acknowledge God’s sovereignty, because he doubted the doctrine of election. Second, Edwards did not believe that he had experienced God’s converting work of grace. Prior to the Awakening, it was seldom thought that conversion came in an instant; rather it was regarded as a gradual process whereby God converted the soul prepared by faith. Still, Edwards was unconvinced that God was working in him. Read More Here…


Giving all the glory to God for His blessings and favor, they have founded a mission’s organization called Heart for the World, Inc, which focuses on evangelism as well as bringing encouragement to marriages and families world-wide. Through marriage retreats, evangelistic festivals, and worship gatherings around the globe, the Franklins have seen many thousands of souls saved, churches planted, and lives changed by their message of hope, redemption, and restoration.

Through the years, they have worked with many well-known Christian leaders and artists such as Billy Graham, Jim Cymbala and The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Focus on the Family, Coach Bill McCartney and Promise Keepers, Adrian Rogers, Jack Hayford, Steve & Annie Chapman, Bill & Gloria Gaither, David Jeremiah, Kay Arthur, Gary Smalley, Judge Roy Moore, Josh McDowell, Don Wildmon and The American Family Association, and many others.

As songwriters, they have had noteworthy success. Artists across a wide range, from The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir to Carrie Underwood have recorded their songs. They have won numerous Dove Awards and award nominations but more important to them are the changed lives and healed marriages and families they have seen through the years as God has used them.

Both Terry & Barbi have traveled in music ministry since they were very young. After over 25 years of ministry together, they still encourage family integrity, unity, repentance, and renewed hunger for God.

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