Dr. Judy Laird & Friends – GAP (God Assigned Prayers) Prayer Meeting for the Election & Nation

Monday, November 7, 2016

Host – Dr. June Knight

Dr. Judy Laird & Friends

GAP Prayer for Election & Nation

This broadcast is dedicated to praying for the election tomorrow and the nation.  We are at a very critical, pivotal moment in our nation. Dr. Judy Laird feels the charge to rally the troops to pray today for the nation.


About Dr. Judy:

Dr. Judy Laird is an international ministry. She has preached in over 18 nations and travels all over the United States preaching the gospel! She operates in a prophetic mantle and has ministered alongside many powerful ministers across the world.


gap-1Cathy Coral – Texas

Pam Pate – Texas

Ruth & Sonny Beck – Texas

Pastor Gina Gilligan – – Texas

Rhandi Taylor McElroy – Arkansas

Yvonne Walker – Texas

Janet Cruz – Texas

Karin Duplessis – Louisiana

Penny Lambert – Louisiana

Pastor Cedric Taylor – Tennessee

Prophet Rich Darnell – New York

Pat Griffith – Texas

Pat Clarke – Florida

Listen to the Broadcast: