40 Day Idol Bible Study w/Dr. June Knight – Idol #34 – “Pornography & Sexual Perversion”

Friday, April 6, 2018

7:00 p.m. CST

40 Day Idol Bible Study

Idol #34 – “Pornography & Sexual Perversion”

About This Mission

Dr. June Knight & Team prayed for our country daily for 40 days – Jan 1-Feb 9. We addressed idols that our country has built before a holy God.  We repented and interceded on behalf of the Bride of Christ and America!  Such idols are:

  • abortions
  • homosexuality & sexual sins
  • ecumenical movement
  • masons, etc.

God strategically put this team together of various people from across the  United States to cry out to God on behalf of our nation. This team repents everyday for a different idol. God imparts into each of them something new to bring to the prayer. They are in a very intense warfare period for 40 days as they plow the heavens to ask God to forgive the church for the transgressions she has done against God. This repentance is each member’s way of laying down their lives for their country and believing that God is going to move mightily in our nation as a result.

02.04-18 – Idol #34 – Pornography – According to one survey, over 68% of pastors are now watching ography. This is just another indicator of how sick the church is in America. We have strayed from our 1st love on a critical level. Today we repent on behalf of the Body of Christ participating in this idol of lust, illicit sex, voyerism, homosexual acts, incest, any sex outside of the marriage bed to include bestiality, masturbation, swinging, sex clubs, sex shops, etc. Forgive us for anyone in the Body of Christ who participates in these seductive activities. This also includes having sex with demons. We renounce any theology, or belief that says that they have sex with Jesus or God. We renounce this! We repent for all forms of perversion in the Body of Christ. Lord forgive us today for looking on naked bodies where we should not. (except for our spouse). Forgive us for fantasizing about other people. Forgive us for ENTERTAINING THAT TEMPTATION. Forgive us for touching the unclean thing. Forgive us for visiting websites to do this. Forgive us for talking to others (whether it’s the opposite sex or homosexuality) about things we should not such as sex, lust, or any other form of perversion. Forgive us for not protecting the integrity of our ministries by having others present when we minister/counsel with the opposite sex to protect our image and the ministry. (Being above reproach

Check out this website for more details..https://conquerseries.com/why-68-percent-of-christian-men-watch-/

— feeling repentful at We Are The Bride.

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