40 Day Idol Bible Study w/Dr. June Knight – Idol #37 – “Our Careers”

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

7:00 p.m. CST

40 Day Idol Bible Study

Idol #37 – “Our Careers”

About This Mission

Dr. June Knight & Team prayed for our country daily for 40 days – Jan 1-Feb 9. We addressed idols that our country has built before a holy God.  We repented and interceded on behalf of the Bride of Christ and America!  Such idols are:

  • abortions
  • homosexuality & sexual sins
  • ecumenical movement
  • masons, etc.

God strategically put this team together of various people from across the  United States to cry out to God on behalf of our nation. This team repents everyday for a different idol. God imparts into each of them something new to bring to the prayer. They are in a very intense warfare period for 40 days as they plow the heavens to ask God to forgive the church for the transgressions she has done against God. This repentance is each member’s way of laying down their lives for their country and believing that God is going to move mightily in our nation as a result.

02.07-18 – Idol #37 – Lord we repent for putting our careers over our families and most of all, over you. If you have asked us to give up our careers to follow you and we do NOT, then it is an IDOL to us. Lord forgive us for disobedience. Sometimes we will put our career above our family and work too much and neglect our families. It has harmed many families when people work themselves to death and never enjoy the families that God has given them. God wants the families to be whole.

Some people put their whole identities in the career. They like being known as lawyer, doctor, professor etc. however, if they were to lose that career, then they have no identity. Let our identity be in Christ. Not our career.

Sometimes we pour ourselves into our careers to avoid family responsibilities or other obligations in our lives. Sometimes we work for more money and it’s a continual death trap. I want more material things so I’ll work to death and neglect the very things that means the most to have “nice things” versus giving up the extra money to spend TIME with our families. God knows the matter of the hearts and Lord we ask that you examine our motives.

On their deathbeds people are not asking for MORE CAREER OR MONEY. They’re asking for God and family. Help us Lord to get our priorities in order.

Heal the Body of Christ so that they will OBEY YOU above all things! To OBEY is better than SACRIFICE!

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