Isbert Gustavo – Missionary from Argentina to Nashville

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Special Guest

Isbert Gustavo

Missionary from Argentina to Nashville, TN

isbert-gostavoGustavo Adolfo Perlender Isbert born on February 3, 1948. His parents Martha and Maria Leonor Perlender Isbert Julius Caesar lived in the city of San Isidro (Buenos Aires, Argentina) in the center of town, where he was the old pharmacy Perlender of Juan Luis Perlender and Alida Perlender Guppy (Gustavo grandparents). Good parents and good family he grew up in San Isidro being the CASI the Club Atlético San Isidro his “second home”. This club was one of the founders Gustavo Francisco Guppy great grandfather (whose name it bears Tribune club) Gustavo was on grass hockey player first division club for several years.

Gustavo was born with a rather large inguinal hernia which was operated recently at age 16. This prevented accomplish many things in his childhood. (His mother fearing opposed the operation). Virtually every summer of his life were spent in Miramar city where their parents (on recommendation from a doctor) took him and his brother Hernán (two years older than Gustavo) for health.

Gustavo was baptized as an infant in Basilica Luján city where his father offered it to Jesus.

isbert-gostavo3He attended the College of Marin Carmen Arriola in San Isidro. Religious school (Catholic) of Lasallians brothers (there made the primary and the secondary and received his Bachelor at 16) Hence and his family learned the basic teachings of religion. He always believed in God and conversed with him since childhood and received clear their simple sentences) answers. Jesus always prayed believing the gospel and the word of God. Always believed in the Trinity (God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit) in the Virgin Mary and all biblical characters, being his favorite subject of religion, (especially when he taught passages Bible).

Reminds Lasalle Roque brothers Gabriel and teaching them the parables of Jesus and thought “Someday I’ll do the same to them.” Always Gustavo had experiences with God which dialogues and knew things were going to happen in the future, for  example was getting married and have five children (which happened in his time). That he created some conflicts because the thought of serving God and to be a priest must be unmarried. His mother began attending the Evangelical Church and then your Father also. Being your Father who gave him his first Bible. They invited Gustavo to attend and after a while he was and felt fine and six months to go gave his life to Christ and received Him as their personal Savior the way that their fathers had done. While this is by choice. He attended the Church in San Isidro, then (a year and a half was filled with the Holy Spirit as he says Bible Acts 2: 4). He went to help a very humble church and met his wife Angela Giangrandi a woman of extraordinary God with whom married and had five children now also serve God. Gustavo Daniel; Viviana Leonor; Angela Patricia; Adrian  Adolfo and Marina Alejandra.

The latter was born in Miramar where God led them they moved. Gustavo had extraordinary experiences with God and God spoke many things several of which have already been fulfilled and others are still in the future. He experiences visitations from the Lord Jesus, Angels and many prophetic words were spoken about him and out of his mouth. Many times God spoke to him (and talks).isbert-gostavo2

Once we were at a church camp in the province of Buenos Aires and being in the company of two elderly men God spoke through a woman of God (wife of a minister) in prophetic word and said “one of these three will Apostle of mine. ” Again (before he met his wife Angela), God spoke to him and told him when known, as she was and many more details that were fulfilled in their entirety. Great miracles of healings occurred (and place) for your prayers, too (who are thirsting for God) Jesus filled with the Holy Spirit when Gustavo prays or lays his hands on them. While Gustavo reached withinthe Evangelical Church be Ordained Minister, teach seminars, have several theological titles and also become Superintendent of the Atlantic coast (Bishop) of UnionAssemblies of God (Evangelical denomination major worldwide) God spoke and said that it must be for all and take what I had learned all people of any religion or belief. This is currently focusing.

He was ordained to the ministry in the city of Mar del Plata province of Buenos Aires. He founded Church “Christ the King” in Miramar city he moved to San Isidro because of health problems. For great miracles and by the hand of God was able to buy the building in which this Church works. (Former Star Theatre). He also founded the Institute for Christian Teaching Update (IDECA) with Christian teachings to all people, in a simple and direct way. Gustavo is Diploma in Theology, having received top honors in various seminaries and theological institutes .

It also seeks unity of Christianity being Christ-Christian post and charismatic. Your call is to revive nominal Christians and give them all the materials necessary to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all.
According S, Matt. 28: 18-20 and 24:12.

Being with his wife in the city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) God spoke in two different churches by the same prophetic word: dicéndoles that his place was not Brazil and that they should go to America. Later God created the circumstances for travel and preached in many places in the United States especially Tennessee, Florida and New York. Tennessee is his son Steve Castlen a servant of God married his daughter Patricia also a woman of God. Three grandchildren Kelly, McKenzie (women) and Austin (male) are Tennessee nationalized Argentine.

From there and love the countryside was born the taste of Country and Gospel music used his radio to listen online at everyone “Riders in the Sky” and “A voice from heaven”. In these programs preach and teach the word of God to those willing to listen, being also blessed ministers of God of all religions.

Gustavo has now become a voice from heaven for many people and listening to their programs many are fed and renewed in their faith. He intercedes for the people and God answers in a wonderful way.

His greatest desire is that the word of God is known and preached worldwide.

Gustavo has magnificent partners both in its program of Radio and Church “Christ the King” Calle 21 No. 1563 between Calles 30 and 32 of the city of Miramar Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Of Church are primarily responsible other servants of God, his wife Angela, his children, sons and daughter. All servants of God. Including Paul Ruppel, Miriam Trujillo Ruppel, Sebastian Guevara, Viviana Isbert de Guevara, Steve Castlen, Patricia Isbert of Castlen, Luis Pandiani and Daniela Ruppel Pandiani. Gustavo Daniel Isbert and his wife Carolina Gomez Isbert, the rest of her children and many other spiritual more children. Most of them have titles Theological Christian orientation, and are people of God recognized.

These scriptures (among others) are slogans for his life:


Matthew 28: 18-20. Matthew 24:14. 1 Timothy 2: 7 Acts 2: 4
Ezra 7:10 S. Mark 16:15 2 Timothy 2: 2 Acts 6: 4
Acts 5:42 S. John 3:16. Luke 20:21 Ephesians 5:18
S. John 13: 34-35 Acts 4:12 Malachi 2: 6-7 Acts 19: 6
S. Matthew 5:16 2 Corinthians 5:17 Galatians 2:20 S.Marcos 1: 14-15
Hebrews 13:16 Acts 10: 34-35 1 Samuel 12:23 Saint Matthew 22: 37-39
Hebrews 13: 8 S.Marcos 16:20 1 John 3: 2 Revelation 22:12


Missionary Work in USA helping pastors , working as a teacher , preacher , evangelist, or Radio programs , along with my wife, Angela, who is also a Pastor , preacher and spiritual advisor , having also a ministry to women and families. We are willing to go where God calls us and needed.

Support the work of God in saving souls General priority , ensuring that they are filled with the Holy Spirit and disciple them so that they can serve God according to their gifts and abilities wherever God sends them.

We materials ( above) ICI , which we know and fully. Also I have a system for home or small group meetings online.


University : Diploma in Theology at various seminars . Getting the titles with ” high honors ” for being the top-rated .

I am ordained Baptist minister and ordained minister of the Assemblies of God , since I worked in both religious organizations. I was ordained to the ministry on December 3, 1983 at the First Baptist Church of Mar del Plata, Argentina . On the same day I graduated in Theology. Then my Church became the Assemblies of God and I remained its Pastor . Accepted went immediately for my career and testimony as ordained minister of the Assemblies of God ( in Argentina is called Union of the Assemblies of God) and then I got the certificate of ordination to the ministry of the Assemblies of God on September 12, 1997 .

I also served as Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in the Atlantic District of the province of Buenos Aires . Argentina .

Enter the name of the school

1964 / Bachelor , secondary . At the age of 16. This is a school , primary and secondary Catholic because my family is from that source as most families in South America and Central America.  The school is called Carmen Arriola Marin of San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina .

I was born again and received Christ as my Savior on March 18, 1972 at the First Baptist Church of San Isidro , Buenos Aires Argentina . My hometown.

Type List of realizations

Then I studied and prepared to serve God in various seminars .

  • • I diplomé in Theology ( with high honors ) in the Latin American Faculty of Theological Studies ( FLET ) . Year 1983
    • Also in the Columbia Bible College USA ( by extension ) from my country . Also with high honors. Year 1983
    • Also I graduated in Theology at the Institute of Theological Education by Extension ( IETE ) . Assemblies of God. Year 1994 .
    • I received a certificate in Theology at the Center for Christian Leadership Preparation EMMANUEL – Year 1984


Cristo Rey Church , founded by me and my wife in the city of Miramar Buenos Aires Argentina for 30 years. Calle 21 N º 1563 Miramar Buenos Aires , Argentina .

Pastor . “Officially ” the December 3, 1983 (and who worked in that office before that date ) to December 13, 2011 . Date of our coming to USA . We made our church by two pastors trained by us , with their wives and studies credentialed Assemblies of God . (There’s a pastoral team of 8 people working in our church).  I was also professor of Theological seminars . Pastor, teacher, counselor , preacher, gospel communicator Radio and TV .


  • Pastor for 30 years and before that co-pastor for 10 years.
    • Master of seminars
    • Preacher
    • Evangelist
    • Spiritual Advisor
    • For over 20 years I have preached in secular radio two hours and one hour five days a week ( and for a time 6 days ) and I’ve done 2 programs which preach the gospel and teach the word of God putting both both a musical theme or country -Gospel Christian in Argentina . At present still rises recorded 5 days a week.
    • I founded a church in the center of my city when it was the only theater of it. ( I helped the founding of others) .
    • Atlantic District Superintendent went on the coast of the Province of Buenos Aires Argentina .
    • Now we are with my wife ( who has worked with me at all times) to the U.S. missionaries wherever God leads us. We can preach both Spanish-speaking people or Americans with translator (This is one of our greatest desires , because of the love we feel for this country ) or to groups of pastors. Or teach at seminars , or preach on Radio etc.

Pr. Gustavo Isbert, PD

We have five children with my wife (who all serve the Lord ) we also have all papers in order , we have the Green Card, and are residents , I have the driver’s license , and have entered the country receiving letters of welcome from the same . It is our desire to be citizens at the time set by the authorities.

We also have updated the credentials of the Assemblies of God Ordained Minister ‘s Argentina ( in my case) and Licensed Minister in the case of my wife Angela ( That is the highest credential given to women in Argentina ) .

We become missionaries by hardworking Americans who have been to Argentina so we want to give back a little , (to the extent of our forces ) something to this country which we love greatly.
God bless you.


Biografía de Gustavo Isbert

Gustavo Adolfo Isbert Perlender nació el 3 de Febrero de 1948. Sus Padres Martha María Leonor Perlender y Julio César Isbert vivían en la ciudad de San Isidro (provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina)  en el mismo centro de la ciudad, donde estaba la antigua farmacia Perlender de Juan Luis Perlender y Alida Guppy de Perlender (abuelos de Gustavo). De buenos padres y de buena familia se crió en San Isidro siendo el CASI el Club Atlético San Isidro su “segundo hogar”. De este club fue uno del los fundadores Francisco Guppy bisabuelo de Gustavo (cuyo nombre lleva la tribuna del club) Gustavo fué jugador de Jockey sobre césped de la primera división del club por varios años.

Gustavo nació con una hernia inguinal  bastante grande de la cual fue operado recién a los 16 años. Esto le impidió realizar muchas cosas en su niñez. (Su madre por temor se oponía a la operación). Prácticamente todos los veranos de su vida los pasó en Miramar ciudad a la cual sus padres (por recomendación de un médico) lo llevaron junto con su hermano Hernán (2 años mayor que Gustavo) por problemas de salud.

Gustavo fue bautizado siendo un bebé en la Basílica de la ciudad Luján donde su padre lo ofreció al Señor Jesús.

Asistió al colegio Carmen Arríola de Marín en San Isidro. Colegio religioso (Católico) de los hermanos Lasallanos (allí hizo el primario y el secundario y se recibió de Bachiller a los 16 años)  De allí y de su familia aprendió  las enseñanzas básicas sobre religión.  Siempre creyó en Dios y dialogaba con El desde niño y recibía contestaciones claras a sus sencillas oraciones). Oraba siempre a Jesús creyendo los evangelios y la palabra de Dios. Creyó siempre en la trinidad (Dios Padre, Hijo y Espíritu Santo) en la virgen  María y en todos los personajes bíblicos, siendo su materia preferida la de religión, (sobre todo cuando le enseñaban pasajes de la Biblia). Recuerda a los hermanos de Lasalle Roque y Gabriel enseñándoles las parábolas de Jesús y el pensaba “algún día yo haré lo mismo que ellos”. Siempre Gustavo tenía experiencias con Dios con el cual dialogaba y el sabía cosas que iban a pasar en el futuro, como por ejemplo que se iba a casar y tener cinco hijos (cosa que ocurrió en su tiempo). Eso le creaba algunos conflictos ya que el pensaba en servir a Dios y para ser sacerdote debía ser soltero. Su madre comenzó a asistir a la Iglesia Evangélica y luego su Padre también. Siendo su Padre el que le regaló su primera Biblia. Ellos invitaron a Gustavo a asistir y luego de un tiempo el fue y se sintió muy bien y a los seis meses de ir entregó su vida a Cristo y lo recibió como su salvador personal de la manera que lo habían hecho sus padres. Siendo esto por decisión propia. Asistió a esa Iglesia en San Isidro y luego (al año y medio fue lleno del Espíritu Santo como dice la Biblia en Hechos 2:4). Fue entonces a ayudar a una Iglesia muy humilde y allí conoció a su esposa Angela Giangrandi una mujer de Dios extraordinaria con la cual se casó y tuvo cinco hijos que hoy también sirven a Dios. Gustavo Daniel; Viviana Leonor; Patricia Angela; Adrian Adolfo y Marina Alejandra. Esta última nació en Miramar donde Dios les guió a que se mudaran. Gustavo tuvo experiencias extraordinarias con Dios y Dios le habló muchas cosas varias de las cuales ya se cumplieron y otras todavía son para el futuro. Tuvo experiencias de visitaciones del Señor Jesús, de Ángeles y muchas palabras proféticas se hablaron sobre El y salieron de su boca. En muchas ocasiones Dios le habló (y le habla).

Una vez estando en una Iglesia del campo en la provincia de Buenos Aires  y estando en compañía de dos hombres ancianos Dios le habló a través de una mujer de Dios (esposa de un ministro religioso) en palabra profética y dijo “uno de estos tres será un Apóstol mío”. Otra vez (antes de conocer a su esposa Angela), Dios le habló y le dijo cuando la conocería, como era ella y muchos detalles más que se cumplieron en su totalidad. Grandes milagros de sanaciones ocurrieron (y ocurren) por sus oraciones, también (a los que tienen sed de Dios) Jesús los llena con su Espíritu Santo cuando Gustavo ora o impone las manos sobre ellos. Si bien Gustavo llegó dentro de la Iglesia Evangélica a ser Ministro Ordenado, enseñar en seminarios, tener varios títulos teológicos y además llegar a ser Superintendente de la costa Atlántica (Obispo) de la Unión de las Asambleas de Dios (denominación Evangélica a nivel mundial muy importante) Dios le habló y le dijo que debía de ser para todos y llevar lo que había aprendido a todas las personas de cualquier religión o creencia. A esto se está enfocando actualmente.

Fue ordenado al Ministerio en la ciudad de Mar del Plata provincia de Buenos Aires.  Fundó la Iglesia “Cristo Rey” en Miramar ciudad a la que se mudó de San Isidro por problemas de salud. Por grandes milagros y por la mano de Dios pudo comprar el edificio en el cual funciona  dicha Iglesia. (El ex Teatro Star).

También fundó el Instituto de Enseñanza Cristiana Actualizada (IDECA) conenseñanzas cristianas para todas las personas, de una manera sencilla y directa. Gustavo es Diplomado en Teología, habiéndose recibido con altos honores en varios seminarios e Institutos teológicos.

También busca la unidad del Cristianismo siendo su mensaje Cristiano Cristocéntrico y carismático. Su llamado es a reavivar a los cristianos nominales y a darles todos los materiales que sean necesarios para predicar el Evangelio de N.S. Jesucristo a todos. Según  S, Mateo 28:18-20 y 24:12.

Estando con su esposa en la ciudad de Rio de Janerio (Brasil) Dios les habló en dos Iglesias diferentes por palabra profética lo mismo: dicéndoles que su lugar no era Brasil y que debían ir a Estados Unidos. Más adelante Dios creó las circunstancias para viajar y predicó en muchos lugares de Estados Unidos sobre todo Tennessee, Florida y también en Nueva York. De Tennessee es su yerno Steve Castlen un siervo de Dios casado con su hija Patricia también una mujer de Dios. Sus tres nietos Kelly, McKenzie (mujeres) y Austin (Varón) son de Tennessee nacionalizados Argentinos.

De allí y de su amor al campo nació el gusto por la música Country y Gospel que utiliza en sus programas de radio que se escucha por Internet en todo el mundo “Jinetes en el cielo” y “Una voz del cielo”.  En estos programas predica  y enseña la palabra de Dios a quienes quieran escuchar, siendo bendecidos también ministros de Dios de todas las religiones.

Gustavo se ha transformado ahora en una voz del cielo para muchísimas personas y al escuchar sus programas muchos  son alimentados y renovados en su fe. El intercede por las personas y Dios contesta de una manera maravillosa.

Su mayor deseo es que la palabra de Dios sea conocida y predicada en todo el mundo.
Gustavo cuenta con magníficos colaboradores tanto en su programa de Radio como en la Iglesia “Cristo Rey” Calle 21 Nº 1563 entre las calles 30 y 32 de la ciudad de Miramar Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. De la Iglesia se encargan principalmente otros siervos de Dios, su esposa Angela, sus hijos, yernos y nuera. Todos servidores de Dios. Entre ellos Pablo Ruppel, Miriam Trujillo de Ruppel, Sebastian Guevara, Viviana Isbert de Guevara, Steve Castlen,  Patricia Isbert de Castlen, Luis Pandiani y Daniela Ruppel de Pandiani. Gustavo Daniel  Isbert y su esposa Carolina Gomez de Isbert, el resto de sus hijos y muchos otros hijos espirituales más. La mayoría de ellos tienen títulos Teológicos de orientación cristiana, y son personas de Dios reconocidas.

Estas sagradas escrituras (entre otras) son lemas para su vida:

S. Mateo 28:18-20. S. Mateo 24:14. 1 Timoteo 2:7 Hechos 2:4
Esdras 7:10 S. Marcos 16:15 2 Timoteo 2:2 Hechos 6:4
Hechos 5:42 S. Juan 3:16. Lucas 20:21 Efesios 5:18
S. Juan 13: 34-35 Hechos 4:12 Malaquías 2:6-7 Hechos 19:6
S. Mateo 5:16 2 Corintios 5:17 Gálatas 2:20 S.Marcos 1:14-15
Hebreos 13:16 Hechos 10:34-35 1 Samuel 12:23 S.Mateo 22:37-39
Hebreos 13:8 S.Marcos 16:20 1 Juan 3:2 Apocalipsis 22:12


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