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Monday, July 20, 2015

Apostle Javon Rahman Bertrand

Detroit, MI

Restoration of Love Ministries


javonApostle Javon Rahman Bertrand is anointed and mantled by God for His assignments in the earth realm. He has been redeemed of God and called to the ministry.

His testimony is truly a testament to God’s strength and his faith. Javon has been delivered and snatched out of a lifestyle of perversion and sin. He is full of wisdom beyond his years and he is a spiritual counselor and blessing to the Kingdom of God. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, Javon has birthed Restoration of Love Ministries International, Restoration of Love Deliverance Center, Watchmen International School of the Prophets and The Watchmen Network.

The ministries birthed are mantled to bridge gaps, network other ministries and edify the entire Body of Christ while advancing the Kingdom of God. Javon is apostolically covered and fathered by Apostle/Prophet Alejandro Baldwin and Pure Heart Ministry. As a writer, he dually functions as a songwriter and an author.

To date, he has published The Watchman (2012) and The Exposition of the Tabernacle: The Culture Exchange (2014). Both of these MASTERpieces were written by the leading of OUR FATHER and birthed through prayer and prophecy. As well, both books, are selling internationally. He is known as a Man of God that is genuine and says only what thus saith the Lord. He is affectionately known as Apostle J.

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