Katy Perry Satanic Half-Time Superbowl Show

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Katy Perry: The Illuminati Goddess of the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show

If you are not aware of Katy Perry as a Satanic, Illuminati Goddess, then research this for yourself.  According to Illuminati Water dot com, “We can see that Katy Perry is busy pushing symbolism at her concert shows. She is in the midst of her worldwide Prismatic tour, of which I’ve detailed its Illuminati symbolism before, which indicates she is interested in pushing these hidden magick symbols on a high-profile level that speaks to the masses and therefore garners more energy for the practitioners.”  Please read this article they wrote about how symbolic it is for her being on the show.

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Christian radio host: Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show will be ‘complete maximum evil’

“Katy Perry going to be in the half-time show and I want to fill you in a little bit with what Jan’s email newsletter tells us about her because like Miley Cyrus, Perry grew up in a Christian home and made references to God in her early career, ” Ridgeway explained. “But now admits she has left the faith. In fact she said she sold her soul to the devil. She said, ‘I think when the universe gives you these things,’ she’s talking about being on the Super Bowl half-time show, ‘it’s just asking you if you are ready to the next level and I’m getting ready’.” Read more about it…

“The Unspeakable Evil” – Hagmann And Hagmann Show – 2015 Super Bowl Half-Time Show, Katy Perry And Satanic Rituals

The Hagmann and Hagmann show from January 26, 2015 embedded below is a must-listen to show as current events are discussed, not through the prism of “official” news but with an eye towards the things we are not being told by the MSM, where the recent information regarding the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the “oddities” of the 2015 blizzard and weather patterns, criminal cabals and more are discussed.

It is around the 29 minute mark though that Doug Hagmann addresses the issue headlined above of “the unspeakable evil,” and is something that everyone needs to hear, where he speaks of this evil coming at us from every direction, Hollywood, music, our mainstream news and the entertainment industry as a whole, where satanic rituals are treated as “entertainment” in an attempt to desensitize the general populace to immoral messages, basically making satanic activity almost appear commonplace as part of the spiritual battle taking place right now.

Doug delves into the much talked about  upcoming 2015 Super Bowl performance by Katy Perry, who once “joked” that shesold her soul to the devil, and what he expects we’ll see, reminding listeners of her “Dark Horse” performance at the Grammy’s and the satanic message of black magic and witchcraft, including 4 horned demonlike figures and Knights of Templar cross Perry wore, and more.

For those that do not have the time to listen to the whole show, scroll to the 29 minute mark for the headlines topic, listenclosely and carefully and bookmark the show to listen to in its entirety when you do have time. Read More…

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Katy Perry and the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show


How far will Katy Perry go and do people even care? There is no denying Americans have become super-desensitized to godlessness. What we accept as ‘normal’ entertainment today was considered immoral a hundred years ago – or even fifty. Many have learned the hard way if we don’t teach our children to believe in and live for Jesus Christ, the world will definitely teach them not to. So, what messages are typically promoted during a Super Bowl?

By selecting Perry, the NFL again revealed their lack of concern for young children who will be watching. Money, ratings, and pleasing their advertisers are priorities. (We could also discuss commercials but that’s for another time.) The NFL’s endorsement of evil and their ignorance of spiritual things is problematic. Perry recently suggested the NFL knows she likes to walk the line of what is acceptable and what is offensive. So much for being family-friendly.

Note From We Are The Bride

Pray the blood of Jesus over you before you watch the halftime show. The powers that be (Illuminati) wants to fill your spirit with pure evil during the most watched show in history. This is a platform for the occult to get their message out. Remember the half-time shows in year’s past. Each one of those shows had Satanic symbolism.

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We are happy to report there was very little Satanic gestures…so we are proud of the Superbowl Show for keeping it relatively clean.