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October 9, 2015

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Author Mark West

mark-west-logoA Journey to Emotional Healing

About Author Mark West:

mark-westMark West is founder and Director of the Theotherapy Project and is also a Family Mediator trained according to the standards of professional conduct under Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 with additional training in special circumstance of domestic violence.  He has a Masters Degree in Christian Education and serves as an instructor at prison seminars and inmate facilitator training classes.  He is responsible for interfacing with individuals within the judiciary as well as within the corrections community regarding the Theotherapy Project program and its relevance to corrections.  Mark is also an ordained minister with over thirty years of pastoral counseling experience in helping families and youth in crisis.  He, along with his wife Dana and their two grown children live in the Nashville area.




As small children, we develop beliefs that come as a direct result of the things we experience in our family of origin…whether those experiences were good or bad. Throughout our lives, these strongly held beliefs have deep and lasting impact on our choices, our relationships and the way we view God even as adults. Because of childhood trauma and pain, we sometimes begin to believe lies about ourselves, our relationship with God and our place in this world. Faulty belief systems very often result in dysfunction, depression and destructive behaviors. Understanding God’s unconditional love for us along with the application of sound biblical principles of conflict resolution will bring about deep emotional healing. We can then move beyond the pain of the past and into a place of sustained emotional health. While not primarily a self-help workbook, this material is ideal for personal study, small group settings, discussion forums and is an excellent discipleship tool.

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