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Saturday, July 12, 2015

Marvin Adkins – Servants House of Prayer &

Home Sanctuary Getaway for Prophets & Hurting

Featuring an Ex-Satanist turned Christian!

Host – June Dawn Knight


Marvin and his beautiful wife host traveling prophets in their home while they seek God or need healing.  They also assis, mentor, and disciple ex-convicts in another house behind their house. Hear from his current disciple who was an ex-Satanist for 30 years! He was a head warlock and has an amazing and sad story of finding love through the Satanic Church because the Christian Church rejected him due to being poor and stinking from where he had to clean out a bar room for his dad. He was only 10 years old and the church rejected him…but Satanism took him in. Due to this…he served them for 30 years….when he decided to give up that lifestyle, he was at a dedication ceremony in a room full of Satanists and he knew that once he agreed to that level THAT THERE WAS NO TURNING BACK…so at that moment…he told them all that he cannot do it and he was leaving. While leaving, he had to be tortured by the group as he was walking through the crowd to get to the back door. He MADE THE DECISION TO SEEK AFTER GOODNESS even though he did not know God yet. Hear his courageous story….it will break your heart.

Please Bride hear his story so that we do not make the same mistake with another child. God help the Bride!

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President – Servants House of Prayer (SHOP)

Marvin Adkins grew up in Port Saint Joe, on the Florida Gulf Coast where he built, owned and operated shrimp boats.  He attended Gulf Coast Community College in Panama City, Florida, Christ For the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas and Southwestern Assemblies of God College in Waxahachie, TX. 

He has served in various ministries for over 40 years. He currently leads prayer teams and joins with SPAN, HAPN, and others to pray for his local area, region, state and nation. 

Marvin and his wife, Mimsy reside and minister from their home in Picayune, Mississippi. 

Marvin ministers, travels and writes a lot, having just finished three books, “God, Where the Hell Were You When My Baby Died?”,  “Angels and Saints” and “Angelic Fast Facts About Angels”. 

Other forthcoming books include: “Who and What Are the Saints of God?”, “Partnering with God and His Angels in Spiritual Warfare”, “Angels and Saints in the Army of God in Spiritual Warfare” and “What Did Mary, Jesus’ Mother Do with Jesus?”


See the pictures of the Warlock Tattoo on the Ex-Satanist:

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