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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Revival Week Special

Mississippi Burning Revival Hotspot

Casey Sones & David Meekscaseydavid

Revivalist Casey Sones

Casey Jones has a desire to see God’s people changed and transformed by the power of God. He received a word from The Lord last march to prepare revival was coming and 2 months later revival was birthed that is still going on today. Through his anointing he has touched many lives. He desires to carry this message outside the 4 walls if the church building bringing it into the streets and market places. He continues to travel and steward this powerful move of God alongside pastor David Meeks. He has served as asst pastor for 5 years, and has evangelized since 2006. He currently serves as staff evangelist at world outreach revival center in picayune,ms.

He has been married to his wife Kristy for 13 years and they have 2 daughters. Breanna, and McKenna.

mississippiPastor David Meeks

David Meeks has been married to Tamara Meeks for 36 years and has lived in Picayune, MS since 1987.  The Meeks have two married daughters, Tina Shoemake and Amanda Woodard, and they have 10 grandchildren.

At 27 years old David Meeks heard the voice of God calling to him saying “ it Is time.” Meeks ask “time for what”?.  God replied, time for ministry or the business world ,  It is time to make a choice.  Making a choice to follow the call, Meeks  has been the pastor of World Outreach Revival Center, a non-denominational ministry, for the past 28 years. He received Christ at age 11 and was filled the Holy Spirit at age 13. He is a pastor with a true Fathers heart. He carries a mantel of the Fathers Love and is used in the Gifts of the Spirit. He has a passion for souls, healing, deliverance and building leadership in the body of Christ. From his first day of ministry, he has cried out to walk in constant spirit of revival. He has a unique way of allowing the Holy Spirit to guide each church service into a revival atmosphere and challenging his church body to walk in a place of victory. David has a deep spiritual heritage, His mother, Shirley Meeks, under the covering of his father, William Meeks, was his pastor for over 20 years before being called into the ministry himself.  Meeks mother introduced him to the ministries of AA Allen, Katherine Kuhlman, and many other ministers of that era.

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