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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Revival Week Special – Revival Hotspot

Mobile Hotspots from Facebook

Jessica McKay and Brian Christian

They have combined their ministries on Facebook because they have the same anointing. They have people from all over the United States as their friends who are HUNGRY for revival. So, they meet in different cities and host revival meetings. They also activate revivalists into the apostolic anointing.

About Jessica:

Jessica Mckay is in Chicago, ILL.  She flows in the apostolic mantle. She has been flowing in sign and wonders for 10 years. The atmosphere of glory and revival is her hearts cry. To see the body activated and moving in destiny power and authority. There is a prophetic sound that is released in her worship and a eagerness to impart the revelation of intimacy and oneness with the father. She is a fire starter and revivalist moving in the power and authority of Jesus Christ.both

About Christian

Brian Christian is from California. Our ministry is an umbrella ministry to teach, train, and cultivate revival.  We are a mobile revival hotspot, that travels and plants revival through an apostolic anointing.  We carry a harvesting of harvesters mandate, with the emphasis of identity, sonship, and inheritance.  The revelatory ministry upon us, breaks open eternal mysteries and encounters in the glory of God.

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