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Momma June Hour

What is the Momma June Hour?momma-june-hour

Momma June Hour

Momma June will read the Bible in a creative way and allow the listener to step back in time with her as God speaks to us through His word. Momma June reads out of the English Standard Version.

How Momma June Began:

When June Dawn was in Bible College in 2005, the Lord did an amazing thing! He asked her to give up her her mother’s inheritance ring to Momma Parsley (Pastor Rod Parsley’s mother) and it was the last thing of value she had on this Earth. God already asked her to give up her home, belongings, and all other material things to follow him to Bible College. Well, June Dawn obeyed Him.

collegedayswhbcOne night after battling with the Lord many weeks over giving up this inheritance ring, she was in a service and Momma Parsley walked in.  She interrupted the praise and worship and took the microphone and said, “I don’t know who this is for, but the Lord spoke to me at 4:00 and told me to come to service tonight and tell SOMEONE that you must obey God and give me that diamond ring! I don’t know why God has women give me their diamond rings! Look at my hands..does it look like I need more rings? But, if that’s you…you need to obey God!”

Well, I had just spoken to my children that afternoon and told them how I’ve been battling this thing since we arrived in Ohio. The children were full of faith and told me to obey God. They said, “Mom, if He’s telling you to give it up, then you must obey Him.” So they were sitting next to me that night when Momma Parsley said that. They both turned and looked at me with such shock on their faces like BAM! LOL. Well, that was the confirmation I needed to obey God.


So afterwards, they were having a prayer line and Brock said, “Come on mom, let’s go get in line to get prayed for.” Well, Momma Parsley was about 6 rows in front of us a few rows over and I replied to Brock, “Well, I think it’s time to give Momma Parsley this diamond ring.” Brock said, “Mom, you’re not going to get to her through those security guards.” I replied, “Well, I’m just gonna pray then.”

So, he walked off and I bowed my head and said, “OK Lord, if you want me to give her this diamond ring, you’re going to have to open the door cause it’s not like I can just throw it at her.” I looked up and a man was standing in front of me. He said, “Momma wants to see you.” MY HEART FELL TO THE FLOOR!

IMG_8277I walked over behind her where they told me to stand and she turned around and I about fainted! I mean I had never stood before greatness until that moment. The power that exuded from this woman was amazing! She looked at me and said, “The Lord said you needed to see me.”

I said, “Yes ma’am. I am 36 years old, from Clarksville, Tennessee and the Lord told me to sell my house and give away everything I got to come to Bible College. I have nothing left and He told me to give you the last thing I own.”

She looked at the envelope that had written on it:

“God, I’m believing you to pay Andrew’s tuition to Harvest Preparatory School in the amount of $4,500 and I’m believing for you to pay Brock’s tuition through the Bible College for $1,100.”

She looked at the writing, ripped the envelope open and put that ring on the ONE FINGER THAT DIDN’T HAVE A RING! IT LOOKED LIKE IT MATCHED IT TO A T! I MEAN it matched the other rings and fit her finger perfectly! I was amazed! She touched my forehead and said, “Receive”. Man I went flying back!

IMG_3445I didn’t know what happened at the moment,,,,,but let me tell you what happened since that encounter!

Two weeks later God supernaturally paid my son Andrew’s tuition through Harvest Prep! How did He do it? Well, he was working at Hobby Lobby and his boss was a Christian. One day his boss took him to lunch and said, “Andrew, you’re practicing football at the most expensive private school in Columbus right?” Andrew replied, “Yes.” Boss says, “How did your mom afford that?” Andrew says, “She’s believing God to pay it. We came up here with nothing but boxes, with nowhere to live and God supplied an apartment as soon as we arrived.  We’re just believing God to pay it.” (Then told him whole story).

So next day the boss takes him to lunch again and says, “Let’s make a pit-stop”. Drives him to Harvest Prep and takes him in the office and says, “How much does this boy owe you?” They said, “$4,500 for tuition.” The man says, “I want to pay all additional fees too…how much?” They said, “Well, there’s senior fees, pictures, class trip, uniforms, field trips, etc.” The man wrote out a check and paid it all! Yes, you heard it…FAR ABOVE WHAT I ASKED GOD FOR!

kidshpThen the man took him shopping and bought him a wardrobe of clothes AND A CAR! Yes he did! Then…he invited us to dinner. I asked him why he did that for my son and he said, “Well, when I interviewed your son, he kept saying ‘yes sir’ and that blessed me because I don’t hear that much in the North.  Then when I took him to lunch and heard your story, I’m a Christian and the Lord spoke to me and told me to take care of your son his senior year!” I greatly thanked him.

Then after dinner he asked us to follow him. He took us to a furniture store. The Lord knows that a kitchen table is my  most prized piece of furniture because I believe the breakdown of the American family is when they got away from the dinner table. I am a cook and really treasured those family times. So, the man takes us in this furniture store and says, ‘Pick out any kitchen table set you want!” I was like, WHAT? LOL.  I had it set in my heart to use rot iron and glass since my kids were grown. So, not only did he buy the table, but he bought the coffee table, end tables, lamps, etc. to match it!

IMG_0417So that’s how God answered the request about Andrew.

Now for how He answered Brock’s!

Well Brock had already been in Bible College for a year and was a leader in the youth group at World Harvest Church.  So a couple weeks later he goes to youth camp as a leader and had nine boys under him so it was a team of 10. They were competing all week in a Survivor Camp for $1,000 which meant each player would receive $100 if they won.

Well our family is beasts at competitions (LOL). We all were sports players so Brock was natural for this. Well his team won…so when he came back to church that next service a woman found us and she said:

Hello, I’m so and so from Cincinnati (about two hours south) and my son was in your group. When we sent him to camp he was a heathen. He had been in and out of jail, in constant trouble, doing drugs, etc. So, we sent him as a last-ditch effort. When he come home he was a different boy and now he’s preaching the gospel, on-fire for God and no bitterness in his heart. He’s a totally different boy! So, we want to bless you Brock and pay your tuition!

SHE PAID IT! Then she sent the boys on a shopping spree at Lifeway Christian Book Store (her and her husband were both plastic surgeons), then paid for my son’s honeymoon!

june-carlSo, needless to say, God overwhelmingly blessed my request! But even more than that is what He did for me spiritually! When Momma Parsley imparted into me, she gave me that motherly anointing! I didn’t know it at the time..but it became very apparent soon after.

When my first classes started, I was one of the oldest students. The other 500 (about) students clung to me. It partly had to do with the favor they had for Brock…but most of it was the impartation from Momma P.  I had 500 students calling me Momma June all the time. Here’s some facts about that experience:

  • They came to me with their problems and I would pray and encourage them back to victory!
  • They voted me as Bible College Queen at the Winter Formal my 1st Semester! (I couldn’t believe it!)
  • A group of four Bible College girls handed me a check for $1,000 to bless me and my family! Shocked my daughter who had just gotten saved a month before! God is good!
  • I had them over at my house every Saturday night for dinners. It ended up being about 75 kids every weekend so we started doing theme nights like Latino night, Island night, etc.  However, the best night was Southern night.  LOL. That’s where I fried everything!  Tomatoes, potatoes, chicken, cornbread, etc.

You get the point. When I had to leave Bible College 6 months before graduation, it devastated them and me.

So, now that God is restoring my life to my full destiny I started this radio station a few weeks ago. Come to find out the best received episode is one of me telling stories and my cousin. So, the Lord spoke to me this morning on the way to church and said, “Start Momma June Hour and start telling stories and reading the Bible over the airwaves.”

Obeying God is where your wealth is.

So now you know the REST OF THE STORY. LOL.