ML Morlock – Singer & Speaker – Nashville, TN

Thursday, November 19, 2015

7:00 p.m. CST

Singer & Speaker

ML Morlock

Nashville, TN

hi resMary Linda Morlock is better known simply as “ML” by her close friends.  But if you were around while she was growing up, you would have heard her mother call her “Pistol!”  What a handful that child was!  She had a gift for finding trouble!  Turns out, it wasn’t her only gift!  It didn’t take her parents long to discover she also had a musical gift when they heard her playing Greensleeves at the young age of four without ever having a piano lesson.  Needless to say, they immediately put her under the guidance of a qualified piano teacher.

ML grew up as an Airforce brat, traveling from Alaska to Ohio.  She was raised in the Methodist church and was given the foundation of Jesus from the day she was born.  But it was at a very young age that she began to have her own strong encounters with the Lord in her bedroom. Inspired by these encounters, late at night (when she was supposed to be in bed) she would play Keith Green albums, line her stuffed animals and dolls across her bed, and with her hairbrush microphone in hand began to sing and preach to them about her Jesus in hopes that their little, stuffed souls would be saved. Hahaha!  Who knew that those moments in her bedroom were the beginning of her destiny?  A destiny of singing and teaching to point others to Jesus, and encouraging them to have their OWN encounters with Him!

Although she was on fire for the Lord, her zeal got interrupted at the age of 16 when her parents divorced after 22 years of marriage.  Even though she knew she had a call on her life, she abandoned it and pursued another path to ease her pain.  For the next ten years, that path lead her to partying through college, singing in bars, and experimenting with narcotics.  But the longing in her heart for the things of God were too strong and made her miserable.  That longing eventually led her home.  At the age of 26, she rededicated her life to Christ and has NEVER chosen a different path since!

ML now speaks and sings at conferences, retreats, churches and small gatherings all over.  She’s become known as the “Bette Midler in the Spirit”.  Her song is prophetic in nature, and worshipful from a heart that’s been broken and repaired.  When she ministers in music, the Holy Spirit uses her to take you deep into the river.  You won’t want to come up for air. And when she ministers through teaching, ML displays a direct, spunky, playful side.  Her sense of humor has kept rooms of people laughing and engaged.  She says, “God has an incredible sense of humor.  He and I laugh together all the time!”

There’s a genuine sincerity and transparency in ML’s persona that puts people at ease.  She’s not afraid to expose her own faults to show others a better way….a way that leads them to the arms of Jesus.