#MAGArevival for #Trump2020 Panel – Christian March for 09.28.19

Friday, August 30, 2019

LIVE at 9:00 p.m. EDT

#MAGArevival Christian March

Host – Dr. June Knight

About the Broadcast:

UPDATE from the team! It’s time Christians! Let’s take the nation and WE ARE NOT ASHAMED!

The church is coming out of the closet and showing our support for President Trump. We will blow the shofars, sing and march around the White House as we pray for our President, country and the 2020 campaign.  Meet the team!

Dr. June Knight, President, Washington DC

We Are The Bride Ministries Founder

Dr. June Dawn Knight is an author, revivalist, business owner, mother and grandmother.  Her heart is to serve her community.  She has been in public service for the last 15 years. She spearheaded four organizations. The Middle Tennessee Jr. League Cheerleader’s Association in which she unified four different counties and ten cities for cheerleading. MTJLCA still exists today. She also served as the president of the Steelworker’s Union for the CMCSS Bus Drivers in 2004/2005.  Then, she went to World Harvest Bible College in Columbus, Ohio.  Following Bible College she attended APSU from 2008 – 2012.  During her time at APSU, she spearheaded three organizations on campus. Dr. June Dawn served student life and served on the Provost Committee for the students.  Please see the following newspaper articles and videos:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyvnE4epKDE (Video of Non-Traditional Accomplishments at APSU)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tV9HKJ3PFnI (NTSS Commercial)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bjBM28lpVk (Austin’s Angels TV Show)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_b0nbDZ9uI (My Retirement from MTJLCA)

Dr. June Dawn graduated APSU in December 2012 with her Master’s Degree in Corporate Communication. She studied in London during Grad School under the top three global Public Relations/Advertising Firms in the world.  During this time under the instruction of the University of Kentucky, she made a 100 in the class.  She graduated with a 3.74 GPA.  Dr. June Dawn had dreams of traveling the world for a major corporation, however, after graduation, God stopped her plans and called her back to the ministry.

After submitting 100% to the call of God, she has been serving the Body of Christ in many areas such as websites for pastors, ministries, film, pictures, video, graphic designs, marketing, advertising, etc. She has used her skills to help others. Her heart is to serve the Body of Christ through the direction of the Holy Spirit. Dr. June Dawn has the revelation that when she obeys the Holy Spirit, that He will take care of her needs and she has this motto, “Obeying the Lord is where your wealth is.” Her heart is to continue on the servanthood path and help other ministers achieve their destiny as God promotes her to achieve hers.

In August 2015, Dr. June Dawn Knight graduated with her Doctorate in Christian Theology at the International Miracle Institute under the direction of Dr. Christian Harfouche and Global Miracle Apostolic Faith Church.

Dr. Knight is the President and founder of We are the Bride Ministries.

Her Professional VITA:

Dr. June Knight is a specialist on corporate communications, social media, corporations (ministry) media, and communication implementation. Dr. June has served ministries and businesses all over the world to achieve their goals. She partners with leaders and God to obtain the ideal outcome for the vision God placed on the inside of them. Whether it is communicating to a community, a congregation, a nation, or a certain targeted niche, Dr. June helps the visionary to articulate the vision and implement a strategy to obtain maximum effectiveness.

Dr. June’s Education:

Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations at Austin Peay State University
Master’s Degree in Corporate Communications at APSU
One year of studies at World Harvest Bible College
Doctorate of Theology at International Miracle Institute

While in Graduate School at APSU, Dr. June studied in London (Winter 2011/2012) and studied under the top three global marketing/advertising/communication firms in the world. She wrote a 20-page research paper comparing how the United Kingdom markets a product versus the United States. Dr. June completed the class with a grade of 100! Following graduation, Dr. June turned that paper into her first book, Mark of the Beast.

Dr. June has written seven books and owns a publishing company – TreeHouse Publishers. She also is the President and CEO of We are the Bride Ministries which includes: WATB.tv, WATB Radio,  and now MAGA Revival (Making America Godly Again). She is a TV and Radio Host and is hosting two television shows: BRIDE TIME LIVE and #DCreports.

Dr. June’s heart is UNITY in the Bride of Christ. Her goal is to close the gap on communications within the Bride through radio, television, social media and publishing. She understands the importance of communicating your vision so that others may understand and engage. Her greatest gift is critiquing businesses and ministries on how they are communicating the vision that God has given them. Dr. June then provides strategies and input into how they may be successful with their mission on Earth.

Also, after Dr. June traveled the entire border of the United States from March – September 2017, the Lord showed her a lot about the country.  Following that tour, the Lord caused her to do a 40-Day fasting and  praying initiative with other leaders and repent for the sins of our nation and church. Following that event, about six months later, the Lord sent Dr. June to Washington DC with nothing but $9 and a suitcase. The Lord showed everyone that He has called her there by supernaturally taking care of her. Six months later she is a White House Correspondent for  WATB.tv and WATB Radio.

You can follow her reports on #DCreports.  For more information on Dr. June go to:

www.drjune.org                            www.wearethebride.us

www.watbradio.com                     www.watb.tv

www.magarevival.com                 www.gotreehouse.org

Dr. Troy & Dr. Teresa Dailey, Tennessee

At the early age of 7, Dr. Troy Dailey knew there was a higher calling on his life. He was baptized at the age of 9 and began doing all that he could to serve the Lord. He started his career with the family business at 14 years old and began training to be a structural engineer, and mechanical engineer in custom design work. By the time he was 18 years old Dr. Troy was a full time Marine Engineer in Palm Beach, Florida and continued his career, in his families multimillion dollar business, until the age of 34. During this time of his life, he also excelled as a top contender in kickboxing and competitive bodybuilding. Dr. Dailey turned down national opportunities and a multi- million dollar industry to begin his calling to serve the Lord. Dr.Troy Dailey is a loyalists.

In 1989, he initiated his calling and became an Ordained minister through the “Association of Faith Churches and Ministers”, out of Tulsa, OK. In addition, Between 1994 – 1996 Pastor Troy attended South Florida Bible Training Center in Miami Florida.
In 2008, Dr. Troy graduated from Evangelical Bible College & Seminary with his Doctorate in Theology and continued his education until 2010 when he received his Ph.D in Religious Education and philosophy.

Dr. Dailey is a Pastorual Marriage Counselor. He began his work in 1990 and continues counseling couples and families today. As a state board certified counselor, he specializes in high profile crisis management clients – Marriages and families undergoing tremendous stress and public exposure.

Dr. Troy hosted Trinity Broadcast Network’s ( TBN )“Praise the Lord”, show from 1996-2011 which was broadcasted to 20 million Florida homes and hundreds of thousands upon thousands of people to Jesus Christ. He Founded and Pastored two very successful churches in Palm Beach County, Florida – “Light Of Glory Church” for seven years and Faith In His Word Fellowship founded in 2005.

Dr. Dailey has been spiritually advising local, state, federal and presidential candidates, and high profile media, celebrities, seated judges and law-enforcement since 2007. He receives confidential calls on a consistent basis from D.C. and all over the country for wisdom and prayer from the leaders of this nation.

Dr.Troy lead prayer for a couple Rallies for President Donald Trump during his 2016 campaign in Florida and is now part of the Faith Based Initiative Board at the White House. He intercedes with prayer teams from all over the world for the President of the United States.

Dr. Dailey is a Board Member of Indian Ministries of North America, focused on winning the Native Americans who are lost for Christ and preventing teenage suicide (the highest in the country); and serves on the Board of Global Catalytic Ministries focused on converting Muslims to Christianity through out the Middle East.

Dr. Troy Dailey and his wife Teresa are the owners of TNT Dailey, Inc. founded in 2007 located in Palm Beach, FL. TNT Dailey is a high profile event and fundraising company that specializes in political and non-profits.
They reside half of the year in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of East TN. They have two daughters and two fur babies. Tori Lynn 26, Kristen Kyril 23 and fur babies, Angel 9 and Abby 2.

Angela McIntosh, Maryland

Angela McIntosh has devoted her life to public service.  For 13 years, she was active duty in the US Army, and is a veteran of the 1991/1992 Persian Gulf war.  Upon being honorably discharged from the Army, she transitioned to the Federal government where she remained for until retirement in May 2017.  Angela’s volunteer and advocacy activities include membership in Christians United for Israel, the largest pro-Israel advocacy group in the nation; serving as a panel member for the Heritage Foundation to help develop voter guides; membership with her local political club; and teaching children at her church.  Angela’s education includes technical training in Health Physics and Preventive Medicine along with a Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Management from Southern Illinois University, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude.  Angela is the recipient of multiple awards received during her Federal civilian career as well as during her Army service.

Dennis McKirahan, Ohio

Greetings to you in the Name of our Messiah Yeshua, Jesus, our soon coming King!

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new and growing ministry unto the Lord. We are so excited to bring you this information about a group that consists of both Messianic and Christian Believers who have come together in their common unity through Messiah to form an army of Shofar blowers.

The Lord put a passion and a vision into the heart of Dennis McKirahan, in the fall of 2003, to build an army of Shofar blowers to come along side the Body of Messiah to proclaim His Voice into the earth. As mentioned above, this ministry is relatively new but as of January 2012 we are now in all 50 states and over 40 nations.

The shofar is deeply rooted in the History of Israel.
and has been used for a variety of reasons throughout time, those reasons being to call a gathering, to lift praise to YHVH (GOD) to call for repentance, announce warfare, to make decrees and proclamations, ushering in a change in the earth, to announce times and seasons, to declare victory, and at times to sound warnings. In Hebrew the Shofar is also referred to as the Bat Kol or the Voice of Heaven or Voice of the God.
We hope you can see that the use of the Shofar is a powerful weapon of the Kingdom of God. It is one of our weapons of warfare. When the enemy hears the Voice of Heaven being proclaimed in the earth he trembles in fear.

It is the hope of Shofar Call International that the greater Body of Messiah will come together as one voice in the earth. If we can come together, united as one in Messiah, and become that unified body then as one we can put to flight the powers of darkness running rampant throughout the earth.

It is this vision that brings us to you today. We want to make our services available to you and your gatherings. We would like to come under your tent and be of service to you to declare into the heavenlies and into the earth that the people of God have gathered to bring about a change into the earth and to push forth the Kingdom of our God.

If you do have any functions like conferences, prayer gatherings, retreats, revival meetings and the like and you would like to have an army of Watchmen armed with the Voice of Heaven to come and call forth this move of God we would like to offer our services.

We are here to service to your ministry. offerings are excepted which helps support the ongoing expenses of our website, office help and traveling. We are always looking for able bodied men and women to come and join our army and we are willing and able to train. All of our members are grounded in their belief in Messiah whether Christian or Messianic. Our ministry is worldwide so we are available to you regardless of location within the United States and many other parts of the world..

Just a brief review of some of our previous functions that include; Prayer across America at each State Capitol 9/11/04 thru 9/11/05. The Call with Lou Engle, helped gaither 300 men as Gideon’s Army on 7/7/07. Promise Keepers several events starting in 2007, Call to Fall with Tony Perkins FRC, Super Gospel Fest, National Day of Prayer Events throughout the United States and a number of other local city and state events. In the future we have plans for more National Day of Prayer events throughout the nation, a Shavuot (Pentecost) celebration in Colorado and 10/16/10 gathering on the Mall in Washington D.C with Africa Prays for America.ASLPN. We go all over the world doing our own Psalm 150 God Encounters that includes praise & worship and teaching Spiritual warfare and on how to include the Shofar, dance and flags in your worship services. We are a very active group and have great hopes for even more events, including many training events, in the future.

In reading this, if you have felt a stirring inside to come and join this army of God then we hope you will contact us.

If you are interested in any further information please visit our website at www.shofarcall.com or contact us at (513) 604-0177.

We use all money we receive to run the website and to help cover expenses associated with the ministry however, we choose not to be a 501c3.

In the service of our Lord,
Shofar Call International Leadership Team

Katrina Lokko, Texas

KATRINA LOKKO Born April 23, 1968 in Erin, TN
*Lives in Plano, TX *Favorite Color Pink *Hobby (Reading) Katrina is CEO/Founder of Women Of Abundant Wealth, owner of WOAW Media & Production, Magazine editor, International Speaker, TV Talk Show Host, Actress, Author, Business Consultant and Trainer.
With 20+years of entrepreneurship Katrina’s business expands to challenge individuals to live a bold and unique lifestyle in every area of their life. Growing up with learning disabilities, Katrina realized at an early age that her uniqueness would be used to help set others free of negative labels and stereotypes. She was voted one of the Faces of Success through the Tennessee Small Business Development Center, featured guest on: 1. Women On Weekdays 1400 AM WJZM with host Diane Welker. 2. Love Of Hearts Movement with Sheryl Jones. 3. Modern Day Woman with host Teresa Hawley Howard. 4. Guest on We Are Survivors with Wanda McKinley. 5. Featured in Off Brat Business Magazine (Blazing Brighter Communities). Nominated woman entrepreneur of the year through WERE Community an non-profit organization that helps women owned businesses, Talent scout for Molto Bella Model & Talent Agency, Drama Coach, Play Write, single women’s pastor, Advocate for single parent families, founder of Interactive Entrepreneur Council, Co-Founder Club Of Champions for inner city youth, and founder of Diamonds 300 a program for young ladies 7-21 years of age. Several non-profits and various business associations has groomed her leadership skills, and her life experiences have given her the knowledge and wisdom to mentor others.

Katrina’s Speaker Topics:

1. Bold & Unique Living 2. Relationship Building 3. Team Building 4. Entrepreneurship 5. Leadership 6. Healthy Emotions 7. Take Back Your Life

Allen & Francine Fosdick, Pennsylvania

Allen & Francine Fosdick are the founders of “People of Prophetic Power Ministries” in Gettysburg, PA and hosts of radio program called “Up Front in the Prophetic”. They are licensed and ordained Ministers thru Loving Jesus and You Ministries, An Apostolic Network in Augusta, GA

Allen & Francine are an on FIRE apostolic/prophetic dynamic duo husband and wife team “dedicated to train and educate Ambassadors of the Kingdom with academic and biblical excellence while imparting the concepts and principles of the Kingdom of God.” Allen and Francine are transforming lives through the Love of Jesus, healing the sick, imparting prophetically, raising up sons and daughters and ministering nationally and internationally winning souls with the Resurrection power of the Holy Spirit. With Jesus as their model and a servant’s heart, it is their desire that people will be touched by the presence and power of God for His kingdom.

About MAGA Revival:

The evangelical Christians are meeting at the White House on September 28, 2019 to pray, sing worship songs, blow the shofars, and march around the White House to show the President we have his back and the world that the Christians pray for President Donald J. Trump.

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