#MAGArevival – Dr. Judy Laird – Board Chaplain & National Prophet – California

Thursday, March 23, 2017

7:00 p.m. CST

About Dr. Judy:

Dr. Judy Laird is an international ministry. She has preached in over 18 nations and travels all over the United States preaching the gospel! She operates in a prophetic mantle and has ministered alongside many powerful ministers across the world.

About MAGA Revival:

#MAGArevival – WE ARE sounding the Clarion Call to the Bride of Christ (Christians) to come out of the caves/closet in unity for revival in the United States and take their place in the Army of the Living God.  Let’s take America Back to the Original Intent by God.

We believe revival is the key to make America great again. We are partnering with Heaven in prayer and unity for God’s will to be done in America.

Our Mission Statement:

MAGA Revival is sounding a CLARION CALL to the Bride of Christ to come out of the caves (closet) and take their position in the Army of the Living God in America. This march seeks to revive this nation in the love of Christ and to enact the Great Commission into the United States of America.





 Listen to Her Broadcast: