#MAGArevival – Gloribel Carrasquillo-Ramirez National Prayer Director – Tennessee

Wednesday, March 14, 2017

7:00 p.m. CST

About Gloribel:

 I’m the oldest of five children, born and raised in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, over forty years ago; in a home where religion was the right thing, but without a personal relationship with our Creator, having a totally distorted vision of what living for God really meant.  I am a full-time Caregiver to my beloved Disable Veteran husband of almost thirty years; a mother to three jewels, one young adult son, and two teenagers a boy and a girl; and for the last three years, a Credential Minister in the Assemblies of God.  Saved at the age of thirty-one, in the Clarksville First Assembly of God church who welcomed me as a lost sheep many years ago, it is here where I get to minister on a weekly basis.  I’ve been teaching to women, and girls for over thirteen years, and young adults for the last three years. As an alter worker I’ve prayed and interceded with each of them along with the others than come on a weekly basis to seek God’s intervention for their situations beside my Pastor for over seven years. I have been writing a “Daily ENC Vitamin” in my personal Facebook page which is also shared in the First Assembly of God Facebook page for over six years. I’m also the author of over a hundred and thirty teachings that have been shared in my “Making Life Matter…” blog.

My mission is to expose to the world that The Bible teachings are today as relevant as they were two thousand years ago, because they truly are!  The problem is that the constant over exposure to external resources other than The Bible, have weaken their eye muscles, causing a blurred vision, the wrong vision.

See, God created us, and every part of our being; we have been given the care to nourish this body for it to perform as is needed.  1st Corinthians twelve explains that sometimes we bestow a greater honor to certain parts of this body that really don’t need it as much, and then to those that really need attention we don’t give it to.  Sometimes we feed the eyes too much with the wrong food, and then the mind is not carefully cared for.

I see women and men everywhere walking oppressed due to the things they’ve listen, things that have come straight from Satan, and these things have destroyed the reality of who they are in Christ.  These lies have blurred the way the see things and life; and like a chicken with two heads, these people walk thru life stumbling here and there because they have blinds over their eyes.  They’ve been deceived, they go looking here and there but they can’t see right, they are in need of new eyeglasses, that is spiritual eyeglasses.

My responsibility as I minister to them first is to intercede in prayer for THE LORD to let them see and when I preach to them the Truth of God’s Word it will do the work, THE LORD will make those blinds to fall down, and they’ll be set free.  The new spiritual eyeglasses will get in place for a brand-new vision of life with God Himself as the GLASS over their eyes, and who filters what they’ll see. Then with that new guidance, victory will be eventually coming as they go thru the sanctification process that just began with that new vision, that new management that has been set in place. And all will be for the glory of God, for HE is who Manages them.

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