Chris Murphy – Revivalist – Columbia, KY – “It’s Not How You Begin the Race – It’s How You Finish”

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Revivalist Chris Murphy

Columbia, KY

chrismurphy2Chris Murphy is a Revivalist based in Columbia, KY.  He has an amazing testimony of how to trust God even when you fall and make mistakes. It’s not how you BEGIN the race…it’s how you FINISH the race!

He was saved as a small child and experienced God in many ways.  From around the age of 10 years old until he entered into  8th grade the Holy Spirit was visiting Chris in powerful ways, but peer pressure and the desire to fit In with the crowd lead him  to a path of sin. What seemed to Chris to  be a roller coaster ride of sorts, his  life took  a turn toward sin and he ended up in a very dark place in life, about to lose his family and everything he held dear…… But then at his lowest point in life Chris made up his mind to serve God with all of his heart, and saw God’s deliverance and restoration first hand. Since then Chris has had a passion to see people find the deliverance in Jesus he has experienced, as well as love for Jesus and for truth.

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