Pamela Serna – Author as Rose Cerona of “The Ancient Paths” – Nashville, TN

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

7:00 p.m. CST

Pamela Serna as Author Rose Cerona

The Ancient Paths

About Pamela:

pamela-sernaOn one side of my family, I am the offspring of a woman that came from the countryside in Tennessee, close to Nashville. That family had a rich heritage and has been in Tennessee for seven generations to the best of my knowledge.

On the other side of my family, was my dad, who remained an enigma until his death. He was a complex individual who brought with him a secret past.

During my childhood, my family moved around quite a bit since my father was in the military. It was difficult for me and my three siblings to put down roots and make lasting friendships as children. But eventually, there were some friendships which would become lasting. While picking up the family and moving around was really a hardship as a child, it would serve me well by helping me to become more discerning as I grew older. At some point, it becomes easier to discern the hearts of those who are close to you and you develop what is commonly referred to as ‘street smarts.’ As I have aged, I have learned some very difficult lessons–they are not always easy to learn.

I had a heart for film, so I studied screenwriting at Watkins Film Institute. From there, I had one semester of a class at Belmont University called ‘The Fourth Genre,’ which was a reference to the genre known as creative nonfiction. I was fascinated with how memories/memoirs/historical data could combine with creativity and imagination to create a tale based on true events.

Before studying film and eventually obtaining a Liberal Arts degree, I received my certification as an ordained minister. However, even given my love for the arts, I have maintained a regular job working in offices as administrative assistant or office manager for years.

I love writing, and if it is done, it should be done with your whole heart and with passion. So, I hope you will take the lessons which are to be learned from this story, and that some of the imagination that went into creating the tale of “The Ancient Paths” will come through.

About Her Book:

How does one even begin to tell when darkness has entered their life? How do you describe darkness-how do you recognize the face of evil when it comes? And how do you find your way back from the hellish, hallowed halls of darkness once you realize you have entered that unintended dimension?

The lives of the family living deep within of the hollows of Hickman County, Tennessee would forever be altered because of a fateful visit from a stranger who would appear, as if out of the recesses of one’s imagination. The lives of four young children would one day be tragically derailed from their intended course, in particular, one young girl named Rose. Would she be able to find her way back?


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