Pastor Alinda Bohanon – The Well in Hurricane Mills, TN

Pastor Spotlight @ Love Your Pastor Thursdays!

Pastor Alinda Bohanon

Thursday, February 05, 2015


This week’s pastor is Alinda Bohanon from The Well in Hurricane Mills.  Pastor Alinda Bohanon is the Senior Pastor.  She pastors a church that is tearing up their city and region for Jesus! They are always doing something. Her congregation is very active and very supportive of her vision. She opens up her pulpit all the time to special guests and brings a lot of flavor and vision to her city. She is a blessing to the Body of Christ!

Pastor Bohanon has a call to awaken people into their purpose. She believes every word of the bible and does not quench the move of the Holy Spirit. She flows under His guidance and brings forth a word in due season that is needed for each of us.

She will speak about her call to be a pastor as a woman and the challenges it brings and the strengths it brings. She will be a blessing!


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