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WATB Radio Director

Maka Taylor, Washington DC

MAKA Taylor, Washington DC, is the new Director and Manager of WATB Radio. She will be managing the Hosts and the Guests.

Maka Taylor is a Mother, Parent Practitioner, and Social Entrepreneur. Dedicated to raising awareness and developing strategies to eliminate social-economic disparities, her work spans public, private and NGO operations.
Native to St. Louis, Missouri, Maka lives in Washington D.C. and is the founder of #TaylorFamFeelosophy, and Global Gains Consulting Service.

Highly regarded as a research enthusiast, Maka is skilled in creating unique campaigns and special programs that are designed to positively affect social change. Maka has been an advocate and proponent for organizations like; Empowerment DC and the National Association of HUD Tenants (NAHT). As an HCVP tenant she works to embody the HUD definition of HCVP Compliance while exploring, pathways to self-sufficiency through the HUD Section 3 program.

She uses some of her time and intellect to testify on behalf of HUD HCVP tenants; on record with the District of Columbia Housing Authority and Board District Council meetings. The language and ideation offered is to encourage high level cross collaboration of all sectors to educate, innovate and prevent pathways to poverty.

Additionally, she is a former member of ParentWatch Trauma informed ServiceCircle and care; and a Vann Ghasri Focus Group participant. Anchored in ward 8, she often engages in discourse with local, regional and national leaders on behalf of marginalized communities. A graduate of the Ferguson-Florissant School District of Eastern Missouri, Maka’s journey into the world of advocacy began in her late twenties when the “weight of her color” moved her to combat generational-institutional systemic marginalization. The decision prompted self-evaluation and personal development. It was in this capacity, Maka began to meet influential personalities that would help to change her life forever. Maka has learned to apply invaluable lessons on what it takes to be a winner. Through her many affiliations and partnerships Ms. Taylor works to leverage wisdom and knowledge to operate in full capacity as a catalyst and a change agent for all.

We are welcome to bring her talents and skills to help the Bride of Christ. Please welcome Ms. Maka to the family of WATB Radio.

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