Grab you a cup of coffee and study the word with Dr. June!

WATB Radio Director

Ashley Flowers is a native of Athens, Ohio. Born and raised in Athens, she grew up with a passion for music and arts which developed into her love for radio. Many noticed her ability to rock the mic and make others smile. With a dream and vision for changing lives, Ashley connects with her radio listeners with a feel that comes straight from the heart. When not on the radio, she is spending time with her two daughters, Brooklyn and Charli. Ashley is also an avid traveler and enjoys learning the culture of the many different places she visits. Ashley, often referred to as an innovative fashionista, has a keen sense of fashion that allows her to connect to the youth she mentors. Ashley has shown her commitment to improving her community through her efforts of outreach, mentoring and volunteerism. This is why it’s easy to see why Ashley is considered the voice of her listeners. Bringing 9 years of radio experience, Ashley Flowers is a power packed personality that brings it to the people! She will manage hosts with a spirit of excellence!

We are excited to bring her talents and skills to help the Bride of Christ. Please welcome Ms. Ashley to the family of WATB Radio.

To contact – Email her at