Robin Hardin – Dream Catcher

Our Guest Tuesday, 02/03/15

Robin Hardin

robin-woodRobin hosts the Christian television program, “Dream Catcher.” She is the spokesperson for Joseph’s Storehouse Food Ministries on a weekly television program. She has authored a 3 -book series entitled, “Walking, Talking, Debating, and Arguing with God.” Robin has a prophetic call on her life. She possesses a special gift which some refer to as a “Daniel Anointing.” Robin serves on the board of directors for Central Tennessee Area board of AGLOW International, and is the President of the Lebanon Aglow. She serves as a Human Rights advocate as the Committee Chair for Evergreen Presbyterian Ministries Inc. In 2005, Robin graduated Valedictorian from Gateway of Hope School of Ministry in Mt. Juliet, TN. She was ordained later that year.

Robin describes her Christian walk as “straight and narrow, and straight up the side of a mountain.” She is the oldest of 8 siblings. Growing up in a poor environment, the one thing of value that the family truly possessed was love. Her father was a dreamer and encouraged the children to carry on that legacy. His heart and vision for greater things kept the family moving…quite literally! The family kept busy packing and moving from one place to another on a regular basis. This resulted in Robin attending a dozen different schools earning her the distinction of chronically being called “the new kid.”

On a Sunday evening in 1994, Robin rededicated her life to the Lord, trading religion for a relationship with Jesus. He became her spiritual ‘personal trainer,’ putting her through rigorous training and preparation for what was and is, to come. God remained with Robin through every “work out” on the back side of the desert.
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Example of her Dream Catcher Television Show:

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