Pastor Cheryl Moultry – Sleeping Single in a Double Bed – Singles Candid Talk

 Monday, March 2, 2015

Two Hour Show Special (9-11 a.m.)


Special Guest:

Pastor Cheryl Moultry

Singles Candid Talk


Pastor Cheryl got so deep in this interview about the REALITIES of being single in today’s world. How do we combat the world’s standard for Christian Singles with God’s strict standards? How do we honor God with our bodies and walk in purity and holiness? How do we be a carrier of His anointing when the world screams for us to GO AHEAD AND SATISFY OUR FLESH!  She gets REAL with the Bride.  **Be Prepared…she’s very candid**

She has ministered in her city, Clarksville, TN, for many years to the singles.  She has helped many singles to walk in their authority and identity. She points it out in the interview that our identity in Christ is the KEY to our victory! You do not want to miss this golden key that’s about to be released into your single life!

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The message is clear it is time to learn from our mistakes. get the personal story and help you need from a woman who has been through the suffering of making decisions that created MISTAKES. STOP THE CYCLE! Pastor Cheryl Moultry

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