Susan Brogan – Pastor – Jacob’s Well Recovery Center for Women – Poplarville, MS

Wednesday, January 6, 2015

7:00 p.m.

Pastor Susan Brogan

Jacob’s Well Recovery Center for Women

Poplarville, MS

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About Susan Brogan:

susan-brogan3When you see Susan, she’s always with other women. She is a great mentor, friend, leader, inspirational speaker, encourager, fighter, beautiful and all-around great heart. She accepts women just where they are and has the revelation that God is the only one that can change people. She has counseled many women back to health. Hear her amazing story!


History of JW

 About four and a half years after founding Righteous Oaks Recovery Center for Men, God called Pam and I to found a similar recovery center for women. Although we felt that logically it would be in Meridian near Righteous Oaks, God had a different idea and he led us to Pearl River County, MS where Pam and I had lived some twenty five years earlier when I ran a TG&Y store there and later sold cars for a while before going back into retail with Wal-Mart. Our start up was humbling since we only had about forty-five hundred dollars to our name and it would take most of that to cover start up cost. We stayed for a month or so in a 24′ camper trailer provided to us by Paw Paw’s Camper City. Later Paw Paw helped us get into an old farm house on eight acres up near Poplarville, Ms. and even offered us a building that he had been selling used cars out of to start a little thrift store to raise money for our fledgling ministry. That was in June of 2005 and Pam and I made our plans to take in our first residents in late August and began to make the house ready and get the store open so we could have some operating capital. Guess what happened in late August – that’s right HURRICAINE KATRINA. We sustained a lot of damage to our house and property and the store was virtually closed. Trusting God with the challenge we forged ahead with putting things back in order. Finally the first week of October of 2005 we took in our first five women. Five weeks later at 2am in the morning we were awakened by screams in the hallway that the house was on fire. That night {November 16th,2005} Pam and I and those five girls stood out in the cold and watched that beautiful old farm house burn to the ground. We could have thrown up our hands and quit but it never crossed our mind. The five girls in our program could have used it a an excuse to leave but they didn’t. Instead we all went and stayed in the thrift store till we could work things out. We sorted and sold our donations during the day, pulled the racks back against the wall and threw down pallets to sleep at night. None of us were willing to admit defeat to the Devil. Within a few days we had a brand new 80×16 three bedroom mobile home sitting on the property where the house once stood and we all moved in. Pam and I lived in the master bedroom and the five young women lived in the other two bedrooms and there we started again to do what God had called us to do. Soon there was a second mobile home and more residents. Then there was a third mobile home and more residents. Then a fourth mobile home, a double wide, big enough to put a small worship center in it so we could worship with the girls and their families on Sundays. The blessings of God have never stopped coming over this entire ten years since the birth of Jacob’s Well. From that humble beginning, today we have FIVE beautiful thrift stores in four different communities. We still have the original property with the trailers where now much of our staff lives. And the women of Jacob’s Well, they live in their beautiful 7000 sq. ft. two story dormitory complete with a gorgeous worship center adjacent to the dorm. There is even a swimming pool on the property but the only thing we use it for is Baptizing the girls who find salvation at Jacob’s Well through Christ Jesus. What a ride this has been and the good part is that God is just getting started at Jacob’s Well… You are cordially invited to come take part in this miraculous work. Just pray and ask God. He will tell you what you can do to help.


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