Texas Power Hour w/Pastor Carolyn Sissom w/Guest – Gloria Elliott

Wednesday,August 14, 2019

7:00 p.m. EDT

Texas Power Hour

w/Pastor Carolyn Sissom & Friends

About Gloria Elliott

Gloria Elliott was born the youngest of three children to parents who were home missionaries, who pioneered and planted churches throughout the state of Virginia. She made her singing debut at the age of 4, standing on the altar of her dad’s church in Salem, Virginia. Thus began the music ministry that would touch thousands from coast to coast.

As a young girl, Gloria dreamed of singing in the Revivaltime Choir, directed by Cyril McLellan and featured on the Assemblies of God international radio program by the same name. At the time, C.M. Ward was the host speaker for Revivaltime. In 1967, Gloria was granted the desire of her heart when asked to be the soloist for the acclaimed broadcast. After 4 years in this position, she was offered the opportunity to record with John T. Benson on the Impact label, in Nashville, Tennessee.

In 1970, Gloria recorded an album with Bob MacKenzie and Ron Huff in London, England. Since that time she has recorded albums for many highly regarded music producers and arrangers, among them: Svante Widen from Sweden; Rick Powell and Bob Krogstad on the Zondervan label in Nashville, Tennessee, and London, England; and, most recently, for Gary S. Paxton on the GarPax label in Branson, Missouri.

One of the highlights in her career was her work with Ralph Carmichael at the Red Rocks Theater in Denver, Colorado, as the soloist for the Assemblies of God General Council Sunday Evening Celebration. Other artists appearing on the program were Dino, The Hawaiians, Big John Hall and Ken Carter.

In 1980, Gloria experienced a devastating personal loss and illness that almost caused her to leave the ministry. Then, a loving God restored her to new life and victory … and put new songs in her heart. Joe and Mark Stevens with Christian World offered her the opportunity to begin recording once again. Working with Don Johnson as arranger, Christian World produced 4 recordings, one of which is a Christmas production.

In the course of her career, Gloria has ministered in song at 9 General Councils of the Assemblies of God, and at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. She has appeared with David Maines and 100 Huntley Street, the 700 ClubPTLTBNCTNTCTJohn Hagee TV Program, and the New Jim BakkerShow currently out of Blue Eye, Missouri. Night Sounds, with host Bill Pierce, has also been an outlet for her music.

Though Gloria has been privileged to present the gospel via song in many large arenas, her calling … and real love … is for ‘Home Missions’ and small rural churches. It is this calling that propels her to maintain an on-going schedule of ministry at this time in her life. She lives by this scriptural pronouncement:

And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting meinto the ministry.” I Timothy 1:12


About Carolyn:

In 1990, the call came to start a church.  We officially incorporated.  In retrospect, I now know that we were chosen to be a part of the ushering in of the Third Day Glory Church.  At the time, I was preaching by vision and Spirit of Revelation.  As in every move of God, we came under heavy persecutions.  However, the Lord was more than faithful.  He raised up dear Pastors, Prophets and Ministries to stand with us.  Those great warriors continue to be a part of the Eldership of this ministry.

We had incredible visitations and mighty outpourings of the Glory of God in our meetings.  Hindsight now reveals that without the persecution, we would never have dug in.  Also, we had to be tested by persecution in order to overcome and be proven to produce fruit 30-60-100 fold.

In 1997, my husband’s company moved us to Houston, After a much needed rest and time to reflect on what had transpired in those 7-years in Baton Rouge, the Lord again directed me to start a new work here in Houston.

This came in along with the Golden Glory Revival.  The Lord did not tell me that I would be a conduit of the Golden Glory, but that I was to prophesy it.  I was preparing to teach on Gift of Miracles at a community Bible Study.   Our friends, Barney and Joann Fuller, mailed me the book by Ruth Ward Heflin, Golden Glory.  I read the book on a flight to Los Angeles.  That night I awoke, sitting straight up in my bed.  The room was filled with golden angels.  They were all singing the song recorded by Candy Christmas, GLORY, GLORY, GLORY, THAT’S MY STORY.”

Prior to this visitation, the Lord spoke to me around November 2000, that wherever I went, I was to declare the Glory of God.

It seems that no matter where I preach in the Bible, I end up with only one message, the declaration of the Glory of God:   Feast of Tabernacles, The Holy of Holies, the Mountain of the Last Days,The Overcomer, The Sons of God, The Kingdom of God,  The Joseph Company, The Bride of Christ, The 144,000, The Remnant, Those who pass under the Rod, The Branch of the Lord, Those who follow the Lamb wherever He goes, Mt. Zion, New Jerusalem, etc. etc.  All of this plus more tell only one story, “GLORY GLORY GLORY.

We are an apostolic ministry as well as prophetic.  Our desire is to reveal Jesus Christ in the fulness of  the Majesty of His Great power and Glory

Ephesians 4:13

“Until we all come in the unity of the faith, of the knowledge of the son of GOD, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of CHRIST.

Carolyn Sissom, Pastor.

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